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   This face of the police mug shot in the Atlanta jail has become the face of freedom.  For all who love freedom, prosperity, and democracy. This is the face you want on your magazines, newspapers,  historical books, posters, and all billboards over the world. This face has become the face of prosperity for all people.  For the hard working poor that want success, for dream seekers this is the face that should be on your wall.  For blacks, whites, brown, yellow, avocados and others.  Do not be deceived by the opposition.  The pink man is the face of freedom and prosperity, in these uncertain times we are going through.



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   The Biden administration has been plague with failures.  As we celebrate Independance Day 2023, we put in the back of our minds the many failures of Bidens administration at least for this holiday weekend.  We will honor those who made this country great along with our soldiers and those who died in battle.  No doubt there has been too many failures with Biden, as he led the US run like a scare dog with its tail between his feet in Afganistan.  We just added one more disaster to Biden's failures, the open borders policy causing great security risk to our nation.  We will look at seven of his failures.


  • Open borders policy
  • The political persecution of a presidential candidate, Mara lago, and Russian collusion 
  • The disastrous retreat and death of many of our soldiers in Afganistan ​​ 
  • Stands with pro abortion rights ​​
  • The incarceration of patriots (Jan. 6) 
  • Intimidated the black race (Your not black)
  • Invited two LGBTQ men in shameful apparels to the White House                                                                              ----------------------                                                                           NOT ALL IS LOST


   We give thanks to God for he is under control of all things.  In this recent midterm elections we saw the mercies of God at work in this country of America (USA).  The Republicans where able to take control of the House of Representatives, even with all the lies and corruption that came out of the Democratic Party.  We the church know that Satan is the prince of this world and that he has a lot of power in this world.  Satan’s power is only as strong as the people alouds him to have.  In this election the margins of victory where very small in comparison to what many predicted.  Because of Biden’s failure, many thought there would be a landslide victory.  This small percentage of victory is the reason why we must continue to cry out to God for this country.  There is still too many people that don’t care enough for this country and are willing to have it go under.  Yet there are some that can be persuaded to do the right thing.  So we must continue to pray, and vote according the way God would lead us until he returns with all his Glory.  Dear brethren don't be found in the camp of the anti-God as such is the Democratic Party.  


   Pray for the country and church, may God bless you for being connected to the truth and this web page.  May God bless you.


In the Lord

Nelson Cintron  




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