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  • The Trojan Horse (see The three swords)
  • Cinderella (see Message)
  • Seven shameful acts  (see Politics Review)
  • The face of prosperity (see Politics Review)
  • Exodus (see The three swords)
  • Another star went to see Jesus (see NTC & ICC VIP) 
  • I will come for thee(see Message)
  • Darkest day (see Message)
  • Not all is lost (see Politics Review)
  • Windows to heaven (see Message)
  • The Tithes (see Message)
  • The real Christmas (see Message)
  • You ain't black (see The three swords)
  • The primaries 2024 (see The three swords) 
  • Happy Birthday America (side link)
  • Covid-19 (see Message) and (Politics Review)   
  • The primaries 2020 (the dark side) (see Politics Review)                          



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   For an end times political commentary go to link The Three Swords,  then click to  RED RUSSIA, RED CHINA, RED DRAGON, which is in relation to my previous article of The Tail of the Red Dragon. You cannot ignore the history and the color of these two nations. They chose red to be the color of their flags and there is a purpose for that.  Read about this association of this color with the Dragon in this end times world events be informed.    



    Link to The Three Swords and click to THE TAIL OF THE RED DRAGON.   If you are part of the Church of Christ, and want to be ready for his return, you must consider every word in this writing. 


   You may also link toTRUMP / JERUSAEM CAPITAL    and follow up on this breaking news and be enlightend on this end times presidential policy.


   Go to MESSAGES and link to MARIA, read about my little 

experience in the once upon a time island paradise.   


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In the Lord 

Bro Nelson Cintron 

Posted 10/03/17      


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