Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 


   Dew to Hurricane Maria and the devastation it caused on the island of Puerto Rico, a few corrupt politicians along with years of bad government policies created by both existing political parties, thousands of citizens went through extreme pressures just going about their daily lives trying to make ends meet. 

   This scenario was just perfect for any extremists group to create a government coup.  The protest in the island during the month of July 2019 show how week is the government to maintain stability in a country that is much advance, and a place where there is much tourism. As far as we know after the hurricane there is nobody dying of hunger there.  Almost every family is enjoying the blessings of television, a car a phone and food upon their tables.  Yet hundreds of rebel extremists  from the Democratic Party stirred up the masses to go out on a coup, on the island that was already going through a slow painful recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Maria.  Thousands of innocent citizens were stirred up to go out and protest by rebel risers to go out on a coup to overthrow the existing government who was elected by the majority of the electorate.  Those on the left of the political spectrum were influenced to go out and protest. Within the crowd there were numbers of extremists that were willing to shed the blood of his fellow brother for mere offensive words and the embezzlement of thousands of dollars.

   Rightfully they had a right to protest and express their dislike for the failure of their government leaders.  But true justice is where you apply punishment according to the degree of the crime, in a just and  democratic free society were righteousness reign.  Just how far would you go if you were to join a protest.  Would you spill the blood of your brother just for mere words or insults, or how many fellow citizens are to die for some thousands of dollars?  Should we become barbarians, anarchist, or totalitarians or should we be law abiding, tolerant democratic and free citizens.   


   Dear participant, the Lord have showed us to be a people of laws.  When Moses came down from the mountain, he found the people going wild and lawless, they had perverted themselves.  Moses came down from the mountain and gave them the law giving to him by God himself.  He then asked the people who would be on his side, a people of laws or a lawless people.  Those that chose to be governed by law stood on his side, and those that chose the opposite perished.  In Puerto Rico there are laws, courts, and a constitution that helps to govern and keep the peace in the island.  So why did they go out on a coup.  There are laws for impeachment of a leader and laws to put away thieves in jail, so why were they were willing to spill the blood of their fellow citizens.  Satan knows how to stir up the masses, for he comes to still and to kill.


   As one who was looking in from outside, I was able to observe the failures of both side of the groups.  The protesters accused the leaders of the other side for saying terrible words, and of embezzlement. That may be true, but throughout the year’s members of both parties at one time done the same.  One of our greatest amendments of the Constitution is freedom of speech. We may not agree as to the content of a person’s speech, yet one is protected by this law.  So why was the governor’s freedom of speech violated.  The governor himself was not accused of stealing or killing. So why a coup? Thank God for the patience of the opposition; if they had done a counter protest, blood would have been shed throughout the streets.  Blood on the street would have caused greater pain than that of Hurricane Maria.  The protest turned violent at times and the police had to intervene, in some instances immoral acts were done by member protesters. Of a truth I seen better moral protest than the one in Puerto Rico, like the march organized by the late Martin Luther King Jr. to Washington D.C., and the recent conservative march to D C. also. 


   Jesus told his followers that our righteousness must exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees, he was talking about hypocrisy.  There was much hypocrisy on either side to go around.  When weighing the crimes committed just before the protest, the weight of the crimes did not justify for a massive protest and violence and the overthrow of the democratically elected administration and governor.  The weight of the crimes committed in this particular incident was just merely a case to be held at a criminal court.  The truth is the Puerto Rico protest was more of a coup for power in the hands of some extremists than a movement for justice. 


   Dear participant, Christians and people of good conscience.  People always are accustomed to put blame on someone when life get hard or a tragedy happens.  Hardly never do they look inside themselves first to find the root of the problem.  The island just recently suffered a catastrophic hurricane that almost wipe them out, Jesus who has power over the wind and the rain, why did he not stop the hurricane.  Sometimes a nation has to do a soul searching of itself, examine itself to see if its in the right path as far faith is concern.  The island’s political and economic problem has been going on for a very long time and there are no easy solutions.   For over a hundred years the different political factions have been struggling for power there.  The Democratic party in Puerto Rico (known as the Partido Popular) is a puppet of the Democratic Party of the USA which is contaminated with communism, and socialism, and is in apostasy to the Christian faith, as far as the Christian faith is concerned.  Their alliance and ideas are not really the best for a free and democratic society.  They have a grip on the island for most of the commonwealth status years.  There alliance with the USA Democratic Party have been detrimental for the island’s true freedom and economic growth, and not to mention the immoral policies the USA Democratic Party supports.


   The Republican Party in the island also has been there for many years, but unlike the Republicans of the USA who tend to be more patriotic, the island’s republicans are Benedict Arnolds, a sell out to the USA.  This group are traitors to the republic, there main agenda is to turn the island into the hands of the USA for their government cheese. The Independence Party is also fill with communism and their policies for the island have been very poor


   Dear participant and fellow brethren, when making decisions especially political ones, our politics should not be the oppression of another.  It should not be the taking of freedom or taking of your neighbor’s wealth or land, or the selling of your country.  A spirit of unity, patience, and tolerance should be observed.  We should also use the laws that are accessible to us before we step out and take the laws into our own hands, but rather let justice prevail in a society where is rule by righteous laws.  This concept should be look by all political factions if there is to be peace and tranquility.  These truths should be observed by all Christian believers all over the world.  Please pray for the peace of all nations.  Fill free to comment on this topic if desire.  May God bless you and guide you.                                                      


Truly..Yours                                                                    Bro Nelson Cintron                                                     9/5/19     


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