Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 

Wrong Choices


   If King Herod lived today, and he was a candidate for the Presidency, would you vote for him?  Remember, he slew all the Hebrew children of that day.  (Mat 2:16)  Today, aren't you and the officials that you place there, are they not doing the same?  Many are crying for President Obama, like Samuel was crying for King Saul (1Sam 15:35).  Desiring that he (Obama) be the one, and that he be accepted with God and the nation.  Yet Saul was rejected by God (1Sam 15:26), for he was rebellious in his heart and slew all the priests of God (1Sam 22:18).  Likewise, Obama is rejected of God for supporting abortion rights.  Making him responsible also for the blood of the children.  Also for stealing from the people with excessive taxation.  So why are you still voting for him.  And zealously supporting him.  For God has already elected Jesus our Savior, as a type of David.  Who leads and guides us in the direction we ought to go.  We should be praying for our leaders that they may be saved.


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