Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 


   The Trojan Horse story is said to be a fiction tale, but some writers believe it to be a true story.   According to ancient times there was a war between the Trojans and the Greeks.  After a dragging ten- year siege, the Greeks planned a strategy how to enter the city of Troy and take it from the Trojans.  


   The walls of Troy were very thick and high making it very hard to go through them.  By the counsel of their Greek leaders, they build a wooden horse big enough to carry forty to fifty soldiers within.  The Greeks deceive the Trojans by leaving the horse in front of the city gates, as a sign of peace; and took their army not too far from the city and waited to see if the Trojans rolled in the wooden horse inside the city.  Once the horse was taking inside, by night the Greek soldiers would come down a ladder open the city gates and signal their army to come in.


   The Trojans were not sure to pull in the horse, but with the counsel of some of their leaders they decided to take it in as a sign of victory.  Well sure enough the Trojans fell for this deception and rolled the horse inside the city gates.  That day the Trojans were feasting and drinking believing that their enemy had giving up on the siege.  When night came a soldier came down from the horse and open the city gates, and signal the Greek army to come in.  The victory for the Greek was very swift and the city was taken.


   Even to this day the name Trojan is used to point out a lie or a deception, even in computer soft wear program Trojan is used to create malware.  Many military strategists admit that you cannot win a battle without losing half of your army or even half of the nation’s wealth.  Therefore, a military confrontation is the last option.  In business and politics competition is very costly.  To win a controversy a strategy must be used, and sometimes by force or deception (Trojan) one must come out victorious.


   Many of our enemies believe America is too big and powerful to be conquered militarily.  They believe that to bring down America, it must be within our government or a civil war.  Some believe a civil war Is unlikely for we have gone through civil wars and yet we still are standing.  The latter scenario is more possible, opposing forces within the government.  We already have an opposing political party wanting to bring down our system of government, the Democratic Party. 


   In the creation of our nation, it was not so.  We were all united fighting for freedom from the tyrannical king of England.  Today freedom is not enough, many are seeking how much they can get from the government.  Before it was how can we have less control of government in our lives.  Now is, giving the government more control over our lives.  For this view, the Trojan theory best fits the scenario, the enemy within the city gates.  Like the Trojans the people  are blind to see the enemy inside the horse (government).  The pursuit of happiness is no longer a viable concept, but how much can we get from the government, and can we blame them, for the government keeps digging deep into the pockets of people.  Even presidents Kennedy’s speech, “Ask not what the country can do for you, but ask what you can do for the country” *, is outdated for today’s Socialist Democratic Party.


   We will not see a literal Trojan Horse in these times, but lovers of country and freedom, they are able to see the Trojan Horse way pass the city gates and the enemy dividing the spoils.  Yes, our enemies are united to bring down America and their best weapon is Trojan, which is lies, deception, coercion. Many in government want power, but will they rule in the fear of God.  The millions are enjoying their blessings, but can they see the Trojan Horse has already rolled across the city gates.


   We seen our military retreating from Afghanistan, living billions of $$ worth of equipment to our enemies, unrestricted open borders, incarcerating political opponents, the left trashing our constitution and much more.


   Please pray for the nation and remember you have a calling to keep this country free, so help us God!


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By bro Nelson Cintron

May 28, 2024


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