Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 

The Power of Voting

      In the days of Kings and kingdoms, it was mainly the king who had supreme authority over the people.  And when a problem of life or death was brought before them, he decided who lived and who died.  Can you imagine being judged by a tyrannical king?  In modern times, many countries are becoming democratic and free.  And they elect their leaders by the power of their vote.  Choosing or rejecting, who is to govern the country.  These leaders have great power.  And when new laws come up, they could either pass, or veto them.  This is very important in the case of laws such as abortion, gay rights, and the way governments should be run.  You as a voter have great influence, and can sway the outcome of such laws.  The leaders are voted in by you and represent your views.  They have no power except those given by you.  In reality the power is in your hands, in the case of these three important issues.  You decide whether a child lives or dies.  So by electing these officials, and the President, they are doing these things in your behalf.  With your signature.  If you don’t agree that these politicians should not be involved in these important issues to pass these laws, then you should not vote for them.  Otherwise, when you vote for an official such as the President, a governor, a representative, or a senator,  that belong to a political party that favor these three important issues, you are more guilty than they are.  Because you put them there and the blood of the unborn will also be in your hands.  And when you come to judgment day, your hands will be stained with the blood of the children.  God will not close his eyes at this terrible sin.  If you are a believer who’s preparing for the day of Rapture, you will not go together with the faithful saints.


In the Lord
Bro Nelson Cintron


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