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Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 



'Your not black if you don’t vote for me': 

  Back in May 2020, those were the words of a desperate Joe Biden, the words he used to bully the African American citizens to secure their votes for the Presidency.  Donald Trump had a surge in his favor of the black vote when he won his first turn in office.  The black vote in the 2020 elections was very crucial for Biden to be victorious, so he made the desperate cry with his infamous racial slur and manage to draw many blacks back to his side and was successful at it.


Never in the history:

  We have never heard and seen such racial remarks against an ethnic group and have such power over them as the Democratic Party have over Black Americans.  History plays itself again, the master owns his servants.  Biden surely use these words as a whip over his servants.  The master making sure his servants don’t step out his plantation.  Lincoln in truth and whether many may disagree, was like a liberator for the slaves. Yet in the world of tyrannical rulers like Joe Biden, he became the master as Pharaoh was to the Israelites.


The journey in the desert:                         

  History reveals the journey was hard at times in the desert, and the Israelite were not too happy with Moses, so often they wanted to go back to Pharoah and be his slaves.  They were not able to see the long turn plan of God for their lives.  You know sometimes you just have to trust the hand that leads you if you are to be totally free.  God planned for them to be a great and powerful people, but they were short sighted.


A great people:  

   The African American people in this country come from a very great and proud race.  A people of warriors, hunters fearless and courageous.  Such people need not to be reminded who or what color they are from a desperate corrupt politician such as little shameless Joe Biden.  Lincoln had a vision of a great unify free nation, for this all the states had to be united.  Also, all citizens had to be free, including the African American slaves.  For many years after Lincoln, African Americans were in the Republican Party until the democrats found a way to lure them to their side.  By many material gifts and promises the DP* managed to shackled the blacks that even their vision has been impaired to see the manipulation from their leaders, and to be freed from such a deceptive alliance.


The spiritual side: 

   The damage done to the Black Americans by the DP* goes way further than this.  We must also take to account the spiritual side of this travesty.  It is estimated that 70% of Blacks are in the DP*.  Of the 70% percent of the black vote, are also about 90% of the entire black Christian vote in the party, sad to say.  As the DP heads dipper into darkness by their immoral policies they implement and drags their followers with them, so do they take with them 70% of the black population straight to hell with them.  This thing is not easy to say but as it is written, ‘And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free’ (Jn 8:32).


Bad leaders:   

   So as ancient Israel had many bad leaders* of their own kind mislead them, so does Black Americans have the same problem.  Leaders like Obama the first pro gay marriage and anti-Christian president, Farakan a racist and cult worshiper, Jessie Jackson a con man and racist, Al Sharpton a con man and a false preacher, Colin Powell a one-time soldier and a turncoat.  Powell decided to join Obama and kill the babies in the womb of the women (abortion), and follow Obamas immoral dynasty.  Jeremiah Wright a false preacher and a racist.  Maxine Waters a racist corrupt politician. She speaks of racism in the country, but has no problem when her party is the party of abortion and other immoral policies, she's a real hippocrite.  All these leaders are heading to hell fire and are taking millions with them.  Hell is opening its mouth wide’ and millions are falling in (Isa 5:14)


A true leader:

   Jesus said, ‘I ‘am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the father but by me’ He died for all human race and no guile was found in him (1Pet 2:22).  Now he is the only one seated at the right hand of God interceding for us before God. 


By the content of their character:

   These were the words of Martin Luther King Jr, and himself lived out his days by those same principles.  Yet just about 85%* of our Black Americans are following and electing man of veryvery poor character.  What would be the reason for this, the reason is simple.  They have taken their eyes from God and are worshiping idols.  God is the one who give us discernment and proper judgment.  Too many are worshiping at the altar of sports, music, television, and politicians, who they believe can get them heaven on earth.  Too many of our precious African Americans are following racist preachers, militant churches, radical racist militant groups, and angry walking bombs ready to explode. 


Return to me oh backslider:   

   God loves his people, he died for all ethnic groups.  We were created in his image. Too many have taken their eyes away from Jesus at the cross.  Statistics says in this country, church attendance has gone down from all ethnic groups. Too many people stop believing God.  We have become more lovers of pleasure than lovers God.  As a result, we become more intolerant and unforgiving.  For it was Jesus who taught us to be tolerant and forgiving. We can surely forgive our politicians, but we need not to follow a political party and their leaders who turn their back on God.  Follow Jesus he leads the way.  Although we are talking politics, the message is about faith and salvation.  We can hear the cry from the God of heaven, ‘Return ye backsliding children’ (Jer 3:22).  He will deliver you from all your enemies (2Sam 22:2, 4).  Please pray for our African American population.  May God bless you.


*Demoratic Party

*Bad Israelite leaders - Ahab, Saul, Caiaphas


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In the Lord

Bro Nelson Cintron 

Posted 9/3/21


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