Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 


  May God bless you dear participant.  We must take advantage of the small window of opportunity to do the work God would have us do; in the little time we have left before He returns (Jude 15).

   Those of you who follow the politics in this country (USA), you who are a little more than 50 percent of the voting population can collectively feel the pain of what’s been going on in this great country the USA.  But for those whose souls are hanging in a balance and are not sure what side of the aisle you should be in; our hearts go out to you. 


  The hypocrisy, lies, persecution, the coup, and works of darkness behind closed doors in smoke filled rooms orchestrated by the DP* is truly reprehensible.  The money wasted in the billions; the communist tactic of Lenin, and the slaughter of ‘unborn babies (Jer 7:31), is it not reprehensible? This is the way of the of the new Communist Party of America, the DP* with its leader the head of state*.  Honestly, I did not vote for Trump for his first primary election, because I believed morally, he was not the best candidate, but i did voted for him in the second primary.  


  In light of all that’s been going on, the many unsustainable indictments against Trump, he being charged as a criminal, how unjustly he has been treated, the DP* morally is not qualified to tie Trumps shoelaces or shine his shoes. From the Russian Collusion to White House protest charges, and Mara-Lago, is it not Trump a more righteous man than all the leaders of the left put together?   Dear reader I’m not not telling you to vote for Trump, but I’m telling you to conscientiously look carefully who you are siding with in the 2024 elections (Ps 1:1)


  We truly believe is time for millions of you in the left to make an exodus. There is millions of you on the left who are of good conscience (Acts 24:16), who is not with the slaughter of children, and are hard working people who deep in your heart don’t identify with the communist movement.  There is a day of judgement, what testimony will you have when you stand before the king of creation and the judge of all flesh (Col 1:16).  You will stand alone by yourself to give account (Rom 14:12, Rev 20:12, 13).  The DP* will not be there to keep you from hell fire.  Siding with a corrupt party and voting for a corrupt leader has consequences.


  Millions of you have been with the DP* hereditary, even going way back to your grandparent’s time, but dear friend the DP* has evolved ever since, and you still believe they are pure and clean; when in fact they have turned into a serpent, a dragon (1Tim 5:12, 2Cor 11:14).  Children bi-sexual operations, the woke movement which is really a racial movement, and abortion.  You cannot leave out how irresponsible they were, leaving the borders open so that even our own enemies can walk through, the death of many in the Afganistan withdrawal and much more. 


  Yes, the DP* has evolved, but you dear friend don’t evolve with them.  The fire is getting hotter even for some Republicans, the mouth of hell is opening wider dear friend (Isa 5:14); God is not playing games.  Let the enemies of God fall in their own snares (Ps 69:22), they are dead spiritually (Jude 12).  God has a better place for you (Jn 14:2,3) where righteousness dwell (luk 23:43).


  Yes, its time to make an exodus Make that exit before Christ returns; and finds you guilty  At that time most on the left will be thrown into hell fire; and there they will be crying and gnashing their teeth.  Sad to think that even some republicans will be in the fire gnashing their teeth also.


*DP - Democratic Party

*HS - President  


In the Lord

Bro Nelson



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