Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 

The Three Swords

The Dream


   Early in the year 2012, my heart was burdened about the future of the church, and the state of our nation.  I spent many months praying and asking God to speak to me, or open my eyes of understanding, concerning these issues.  After three months of constant prayer on these matters, one night after my usual night prayer I went to sleep.  During the night I saw in a dream church people, from all denominations, dining in a very large cafeteria.  There were thousands of believers, like in a convention, and they all seem to be very content and happy.  I was also there in the cafeteria.  


   This went on for a while, and all of sudden, this loud voice spoke from above.  Yet I did not see anyone speaking.  Just the voice.  This voice resounded all over the place.  The voice said, “Everyone it’s time to clean up, take your dishes and utensils and go clean them”.  I also got up to do same, and as I got up, I saw in my hands some small knives.  Like three table knifes. As I walked to the cleaning area the knives kept getting bigger and bigger in my hands, until they reached the size of 3 full sized, double edge swords.  When they reached full size the dream ended. 


   At this time I was perplex twice.  As a participant in the cafeteria.  And as I watched all this unfold before my eyes as I lay there sleeping.  This must have taken three or four hours in the dream, but the dream itself must have taken maybe five minutes.  I woke up out of this dream and I wondered what this meant.  Especially the part about the three double edge swords in my hands.   


   During the next five days I tried to forget the dream, but it just kept coming back to me.  I started to pray over this dream and ask God, if these swords meant anything.  For a while I received nothing.  After a space of three months the answer started to come.  And as these words kept ringing in my ears, like a phone that is constantly ringing and would not stop.  These words kept ringing in my ears giving me the meaning of the Dream, and of the three swords.  I still tried to shake this out of my head, but as a phone ringing that won’t stop, the meaning of the dream kept coming back.     


   Link to THE SWORDS MEANING on list of titles and be informed as to what each sword represent.

                                           In the Lord
                               Bro Nelson Cintron                                                          07/05/13 


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