Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 

Flight of the Eagles

   At the end times much of what will be happening will be political in nature.  Also as it was spoken by the prophet Joel, many in the church will be having dreams.  Some of these dreams will reveal the political landscape in the world at that time.  The people of good conscience and of religious faith must discern up to how much they can be involved in the politics of their nation, for all of us have a part to play with the guidance of the all mighty God.  A month ago late night I had this dream.

   From the side of a mountain I saw eagles take flight.  I saw them take off one at a time.  Three eagles one after the other majestically took flight.   After the third eagle I saw a fourth eagle very majestic and beautiful follow the other ones.  I looked in awe at the beauty of this last eagle.  This last eagle had many different color feathers unlike the others.  You couldn’t stop gazing at him for his multicolor and beauty.  All of them flew into the bright blue skies.  In the dream I was able to see them from a closer view and I starred at them for a while, them the dream ended.


I bro Nelson Cintron had this dream:


   Dear participant, the next day I could not stop thinking about it.  I felt this was more than just a dream.  I started talking to God about it because I could not understand it.  Sometimes in prayer I would ask the Lord.  At times I would ask myself if it meant this or that, I could not put it together.  After a month meditating on it, I came to this conclusion.  This dream fitted perfectly in the political landscape of the United States at this time.


   These eagles are the more influential political candidates left in the Republican primaries at the time.  Because of their popularity and charisma, they are like eagles soaring high in the skies of politics.  All of these candidates like eagles, flop their wings up and down and take off into the atmosphere of politics to win their party’s nomination.


   Four eagles (politicians) were left flying high in the skies for the run to the white house in the Republican Party, at the time of this dream.  The first three looked alike in colors and majesty, and they are beautiful and attractive to the eyes of the masses of voters.  At the end of the three comes the fourth multicolor eagle flying.  This different color eagle was the one who made me search for deeper understanding of the dream.


   Dear participant, we are living in a time in this country were traditions, religion, and family is rapidly changing into something we never been accustom seeing.  Much of this change is driven by the new age society.  As we see our society change to a political correctness ideology, the golden rules of the old society has no place in the new age society.  The new age society wants to pull the country away from old traditions and values, into a set of values they have adopted for their own.   They feel the old ways were narrow minded and not much inclusive, they welcome others with new ideas and practices into their group.  This new society found their place away from everybody. In the political field, they position themselves in the center or moderatesAnother way to describe them is the all inclusive group.  The aim is to bring in as much people as they can under one umbrella in order to gain power.  They believe is best for the country.  They also believe themselves to be wiser and more righteous than those out there in the far edges of the right and left. 


   These moderates in the government look down at traditionalist, they believe society has to move to the new era of political correctness or all inclusive.  Some in the left (moderate Democrats) although small in numbers see themselves misrepresented.  They believe they themselves are not too far to the left in ideology.  Some in the right (moderate Republican) also see themselves not too far to the right.  In this year primaries all the Republican moderates are very unhappy, they think the remaining running candidates are too far out in the fringes of political ideas.  Some moderate Democrats were also hoping the moderate Bloomberg would flop up and down his wings and run for their nomination, but his wings were cut off by the far left in their party establishment.  The moderate Republicans also fought hard to get their own moderate nominated but failed.


   At this time is when my dream makes sense and fits properly in the scenario of American politics.  This is what a great portion of American society is looking for, a centric leader who can unite everyone together and do away with traditional values and faith.  The Republican moderates are still hoping for a popular moderate candidate to jump in the race, even if it’s at the end of the race.  Like the last eagle in my dream, a multicolor eagle.  Multicolor represents multi ideas, diverse, or all inclusiveA multicolor candidate that can bring all sides together.  A multicolor eagle is not about color, is about many philosophies or practices in one.  He or she should be willing to compromise and make deals with all sides, putting together a significant majority and winning the presidency. A multicolor eagle that is willing to put a side those traditional beliefs or values and embrace the philosophies of the new age era.


   This candidate must be majestic and attractive in the eyes of the people, just like the last eagle in my dream.  Now at this late in time in the primaries, how can this eagle take flight?  For the present all the Republican moderate candidates have failed miserably, for the country does not want them and demand a change from the status quo.  Nevertheless the Republican establishment is working behind closed doors to create a multicolor eagle (candidate).  So how can this be possible, being the remaining two candidates are too ideologist and won’t change?  Well those who are following politics know that the leaders of the party are working hard, to make deals with the republican runners so as to move them to the center of the political spectrum


   This battle for a multicolor candidate is mainly at the grounds of the Republican Party.  Ted Cruz is a strong right politician, yet the party’s leader wants him to move towards the center.  Donald Trump is not a strong right, although he took off as a right.  Lately we hear Trump talking about making political deals and getting alone with everyone, by now he has changed many of his beliefs and is moving towards the center. In the issue of abortion and plan parenthood, Trump was with the Democrats before he ran in the primaries.  He has changed colors so many times, would someone ask for the real Trump to stand up.  This is a bad sign for a person of true colors.  All the other candidates have stood firm in their beliefs, yet Trump seems to be the only one that’s changing colors as he goes alone. The Republican establishment is also hoping a candidate would change his color and become multicolor, they have not fully embrace Trump for he is more of a nationalist. Multicolor or moderate is what many in this society is looking for, a multicolor eagle (politician).  Multicolor or all inclusive is not compatible with people of good conscience and Christian beliefs. To go along with this brand of politics is to put your own nails in your own coffin.  You then would be selling your soul at the ballot box.  There are traditions and philosophies like faith, life, liberty, patriotism, The Constitution, these are none negotiable.


   There is a multicolor eagle taking off flight in the horizon.  This last colorful eagle is willing to put aside traditional values and make deals with the party bosses to gain the nomination. His beautiful colors have the power to hypnotize his followers.  He looked like the other eagles in the beginning, during his flight he transformed; now he is flying with a new set of feathers.  There is still a better choice within the Republican Party.  Some things may be attractive, but it will come at a high price.  Dear participant elect the candidate that best represents our value, one that doesn’t twist and turn.  There is no deceit, lies, corruption, twisting and turning in heavens.  We must be true when we say the Lord’s Prayer;


   Our father which art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heavens’ (Mt 6:9,10). 


   We need to look at this verse carefully, in earth as it is in heavens.  Are we doing the will of God here when we give power and authority to corrupt individuals? Would you do the same thing in heavens?  When you cast your vote here, it will also be register in heavens and there it won’t be changed.  At judgment day it will be brought before you, and if you voted against God’s will, there will be crying and weeping.  May God give us the mind of Christ (1Cor 2:16), and help us in this matter. May God bless you.


Please pray for this nation the U.S.A. and its leaders. Keep in mind God punishes all nations that depart from him (Ps 9:17).


P.s. We will be posting a continuation on this article on a later date.                    


We have posted a continuation on this article concerning Trump on May 27, 2016.  You need to log to WWW.THETHREESWORDS.COM                                   to access the article.  Link to The Flight of the Eagles, to bottom of page and access the article.                                                           



In the Lord

Bro  Nelson Cintron

Posted 03/30/2006


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