Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 


(2Sam 23:3)

   About twenty years ago I had a dream. I dreamed I was walking on a sidewalk heading to church.  Along the way I came across an African American  male with religious clothing  standing  in  front  of  a  church.  I assumed he was the pastor of the church. I stop to give him a greeting, and straight forward he pointed to his church and then pointed to the church sign which had some bible verses displayed on it. At the same time he said to me while pointing to the church and the sign, ‘You are going to do some work in there’.  I stood there puzzled listening to him for a while; he said other things to me but by now some of it I forgotten.  The words that I was able to remember clearly was, ‘You are going to do some work in there’, and then the dream ended.              

   For some time I thought about this dream, and then decided to talk to our regional pastor about it.  I revealed my dream to him, but he had no clear revelation of it, except that perhaps I should do some maintenance work around our local church.  At the time I was working to maintain a family, so I didn’t gave it much thought and so our beloved pastor.  Years went by until I had the dream of The three swords, then this dream of the sidewalk pastor and what he said, came back to me.

   Dear participant, God may reveal you something today, but the revelation and mission can be for a distant future.  For the moment you may not understand it, in the Lord’s time maybe years away it will come back to you.   If you are still loving the Lord and serving him, he will refresh your memory and give you better understanding of it.

   The African American pastor in this dream is of great importance.  His church and the sign with bible verses also are very important alone with his words, ‘You are going to do some work in there’.  There is a message to our African American  Christian community the Lord wants to convey to them.  Maybe you may wonder, why the African American Christian community and not the others.  I can only say God has his messengers going out all over and to every group.  God loves his people, and when he sees them going astray he runs after them (Mt 18:11-13).  

   For too many years the people of God has been putting material things before his kingdom.  This dream is very much related to my other dream of The three swords which I titled The Dream.  I believe God at this time is sending the alarm, and is calling his people back to the faith (2Tim 4:3, Jer 3:12,22, 6:16).  Almost all of our African American community ( about 90%) help to elect the most anti Christian president of these modern times.  Likewise almost all of the African American Christian community help Obama to be elected on both terms of his presidency. Because of the dream I just mention, I have been persuaded to speak about three leaders of this great country the United States of America, what they have or don’t have in common, and what contributions they brought forth to the country.                                         

   My first leader is Martin Luther King Jr.  King was a great civil rights leader that inspired his people in this country; as well as other ethnic groups who at one time struggle with racism. This writing is not to criticize King, but to bring out some facts and share light on a very important issue. I myself am very much inspired by his work and zeal.  Most man are inspired by someone else for good or for bad.  For the purpose of this article, there are two things I will speak about that I believed may have influenced some of King’s decisions concerning political philosophies and faith.     

    King Jr. did many great things for his people, through his nonviolent protest and million men march to Washington D.C; he was able to change the politics of the government.  Because of his work, segregation and voting rights were eventually change to give his people equal freedom as the white population, and many more issues concerning freedom were also changed in the country.  One of his great attributes in my opinion is that he regarded the white men as brothers.  He denounced the Black Panther movement who thought that violence was the only way to seek political freedom; King Jr. also regarded the African Americans and whites as one single community*.  All of these positive views came from his Christian up bringing which he learned from his Christian father and the Bible. 

    Now about what influenced his political views.  First there is a possibility that his philosophy on politics and government was very much influenced in India, by Gandhi who was a socialist.   I believe it was there where he made up his mind to be a socialist and eventually became a socialist democrat.  Communism and socialism are very closely tied together.  King Jr. in his writings once said our Constitution did not go far enough to ensure the citizens have housing and a secure annual income and so on.  I believe this mindset was one of his mistakes.  Although he did a lot of righteous works in the civil arena and was of the Christian faith, he chose an anti Christian belief as far as freedom and government is concern.  This socialist concept is contrary to our founding fathers views of government, and the Bible, for charity or giving must come from a voluntary heart.  Our founding fathers clearly stated that freedom is a human right, by which you can persuit your own individual happiness. Happiness which may include material blessings are not guaranteed,  but by the right to be free, you may seek this happiness for yoursself and your loved ones.   

   Second in his writings he speaks about the cosmos and the universe.  He had a belief that the harmony of the universe was in the side of the civil rights movement.  In Christianity our universe has no power, soul, and mind to favor or aid mankind, but the Creator himself.  Only that one true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, only He can favor us or be against us.  This misguided beliefs I believe he picked it up in India from Gandhi, who had a socialist mind and a Hindu religious background, and probably influenced King in his political views that was contrary to our founder’s view of politics.  King was a great leader and did a lot of good things, but if a man lacks spiritual knowledge, he may lead others in the wrong path as far as faith and government policies is concern.  I believe that at one point in his struggle for civil rights, when he spoke about faith and God he made a detour and embraced an anti Christian philosophy as far as politics is concerned.  The founders were looking to God and the Bible for freedom.  The socialist are looking to the communist manifesto which in itself limits freedom and forcibly take what is not their own, and throughout history has been at odds with Christianity. 

   My second leader is Barack Obama.  From Obamas own writings*, his father was muslin and Obama himself went to muslin schools.  His father also was a socialist and very much against freedom and capitalism.  From a young age Obama spend his time with haters*, cursing preachers*, communists*, and perverts*.  As a young man he became an idealist of a socialist mindset, which he took with him throughout his political career.  He claims to be a Christian but his deeds prove him to be muslin in heart, especially when he speaks about the Islamic call to prayer, and when he bows down to kiss the Muslin Prince ring or hand as clearly seen in the news media.  What is in the heart of a man will come out.  Obama is a Muslim at heart, when he is reluctant to prosecute the Islamic terrorist or even classify them as terrorist.  He went as far as facilitating Iran with the capability of building nuclear bombs which they have threaten Israel with.  At one time he pointed out that America was not a christian nation, undermining three hundred years of history proving otherwise. When you have to fight people of your own beliefs (Muslins), you would be reluctant to raise up arms against them, like in the case of Obama.  He has also continue on the spirit of racial separation between African American and Whites just the same as some white leaders in the past (like democrat governor Wallace from the past), setting these two groups back to nearly seventy years when the racial tensions was at its highest.   

    About Obamas political philosophy and his Party , and his long term goals for this country is to do whatever he can to transform this country to an all socialist country, as he has said and demonstrated throughout his presidential term in office.  This idea is not knew, for he is carrying out what King Jr. had in mind when he said the Constitution did not went far enough to ensure the citizens income and housing.  Obama has become the face of the Democratic Party and promotes their desires to change this country’s heritage of a Democratic Representative Republic to a Socialist State; these damaging goals of the Socialist Democrats will have a negative impact on freedom for many years to come.

    Socialism/communism may look like a righteous philosophy, but is anti Christian when implementing it.  To carry out their plans they use force and punitive actions to succeed in their ungodly pursuit, as well as forcing you to accept inmoral laws contrary to your religious beliefs. Those that are in power feel they have all authority over all your long life earnings.  To gain power they have to unite with groups with shady ideas and corrupt minds.  The Democratic Party for many years has been moving to an anti Christian philosophy, their leaders sell their souls to interest groups to win votes.  Anyone who is with the democrats at this time is denying the faith of our founders which is Christianity, especially the anti Christian leaders of the Democratic Party.  By promoting many ungodly ideas the Democratic Party is leading his followers to a terrible Judgment Day We boldly can say at this time, if you belong to the Democratic Party or any other party that strays away from the principles of the Bible, in this country or any other country; you are heading to a fiery Judgment Day.   Even by speaking and showing favoritism to this Party can hinder your entrance to Glory.  Millions of African American brethren of the Christian faith are giving up their right of the first born and the inheritance in the Kingdom of God (remember Esau (Gen 25:34) for temporal blessings.  I believe that the eternal judge has swung his hammer on the desk of righteousness, and is letting his people know the end of the matter.


    My third leader is the founders.  The founders ideas came from the Bible, which is the only book with spiritual revelation of the word of God; they set up the Constitution and The bill of Right to give the citizens the freedom to pursue their own material blessings themselves.  As the founders labor in pain to give birth to the new nation, the newborn nation itself was born with some defects.  There were still many issues unresolved, yet they understood that it was for our society’s best interest that government should be as limited as possible.  They believed that material blessings were our society’s personal obligations and goals for their individual happiness.  In contrast to king Jr. and Obama who had Socialist ideas and believed material blessings like money and housing and many other things was the government’s responsibility to ensure its citizens. 

     The fathers of this country were many, but as they united in one accord to sign the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and the Bill of Rights they all became as one man.  To proper illustrate this leaders and the importance of their work, I will unite them as one man.  We are not saying the founders were perfect men.  Most of them were Christians and almost all of them believed in a supreme God.  This was the unique trait they possessed.  As they worked to build up this country, they sought divine guidance in the Holy Scripture, the Bible.  Some that had much wealth went astray, falling into a snare (1Tim 6:9,10).  Large landowners bought slaves to further increase their gains.  Although many treated them fair, the issue of slavery sooner or later had to come to an end.  Yet through this knowledge of the scripture, the fathers of the nation were able to lay the foundation for this country and generations to come. 

    So the foundation of the founders was the Bible and Jesus Christ.  This is why for centuries we were able to overcome our obstacles and move forward to receive the blessings and promises giving by God (Gen 12:3).  Whites, African Americans and all those who have immigrated throughout the years into this country have also reap those blessings.  Yet there is a warning in the Bible, which is to be careful which foundation we are building upon.  If the foundation is not that of Jesus Christ and the Bible, it will surely burn sooner or later (1Cor 3:11-13)

   There are many in this country who seek to change the philosophy and government of  this nation.  Obama, liberals, the Clintons Bill and Hilary, and the Democratic Party have almost succeeded in putting in place a different foundation, that of  Socialism which has its roots from the communists, and will eventually lead this country to a darker future and undoubtedly a harsh judgment.  When we look at socialist Europe, you can see how spiritually dead that continent has become.  The lands of the Reformers has turned into a cemetery of Christians, and soon will see themselves in the wrong side of history (Rev 16:14,16).

    These are the days for Christians from all denominations to rise and meet the challenge of the faith (Jud 3).  To enlarge our tents, to open our bowels of mercy (Col 3:12) and reach out to meet the needs of our people (Mat 25:35,36), so many of our people need not to run to our government for help.  Also there are so many charitable help out there. King Jr. once said, that the total income of the African American population was as high as the income of Canada.  Canada has no problem meeting the needs of its people.  I truly believe that every ethnic group in this country has enough income to meet the needs of its own people.  But I speak to the church of God; we have a high calling and God is able to meet our needs (Mat 6:31,32). We have a Christian heritage and have received many blessings from God. We should at least take God’s burden for the poor. “Give us this day our daily bread” (Mat 6:11, 25:45, Gal 2:10).  When it comes to those things mention by Jesus, we should very careful to fulfill his desires.  Another thing we should be very careful is not to fall in the trap, and play the devil’s advocate in the politics of buying the poor expecting something in return contaminating the bread of the poor.

    Every person in this country from all ethnic backgrounds should embrace our founder’s ideas of freedom.  They believed in total freedom, not partial freedom but total freedom.  They believed in freedom of religion, government, capital, land ownership, expression, the press, to unite and many other freedoms (see The Constitution).  All of these freedoms are God given and according to our Christian faith, and no one has any right to take them from us, not even by the power of a vote.  In the founder’s concept of freedom, all material blessings are not guaranteed.  You may have some tough time getting them but at the end you will have piece and integrity, and a righteous testimony before God The fathers of the nation set up a Democratic Representative Republic, not a Democratic Socialist country.  These two concepts are as different as night and day, and as far as the east is from the west.  Many of our African American brethren don’t believe in total freedom. They are betraying those same principals they once struggle for to set themselves free.  We as a country may have failed at various times, but Freedom, Faith (Christian), and truth have helped us overcome.  No true child of God should ever think he (or his party) has power over his fellow man’s pocket, if you do you have become part of that evil force that seeks to enslave mankind.          

   One of the deceitful plans of the Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Communists, Racists, is that you may have your freedom but let us control your money.  Dear brethren, having control of your money is a God given right and embodies freedom itself, and no government has the power to it unless is by evil practices.  We as a country have come so far from the days of the sixties; there have been so much help to the poor.  I know for I have been a beneficiary of government aid living in a mixed ethnic community, and not to mention further back in the days of the Civil War when so many whites lost their lives for total freedom including Abraham Lincoln, opening the doors to freedom for all African Americans.  Sad to say many of our brethren in this country are joining with those of evil mentality. They will be in the wrong side of history in the books of heavens and at the end will receive the same fiery judgment with those they hold hands with unless they come back to the faith. 

   Then brethren examine yourselves and see if you are in the faith (2Cor 13:5).  St Paul said follow me as I follow Christ (1Cor 11:1).  Follow Christ right into the voting booth and cast your vote unto righteousness, do that which is right.  One thing we surely cannot do at this critical moment, and that is not to cast a vote with the Democratic Party and their leaders, especially in this coming election season for if we do we will compromise our salvation.  These are the end times and the enemy is putting snares in front of us, that we risk losing the crown of righteousness Jesus promised us (2Tim 4:8)       

    Every Christian knows the story of Joseph, how he was betrayed by his brothers.  He was sold as a slave, put in jail, abandon and forgotten. Yet he did not deny the faith, kept his humility and his dream.  God in his time remember him and set him free because he had a plan for him (Ps 105:17-22).  Likewise God has a plan and a dream for you my brother.  Be patient hold on to your most valuable possession which is faith in God through Christ (1Pet 1:3-9).  Be patient unto the coming of the lord (Jas 5:7,8), and pray that we all may be able to make all our decisions.Biblically.



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In the Lord

Bro  Nelson Cintron

Posted 2016 



* The Bible, *I Have A Dream, *The Obama Files                


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