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Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 



  Dear participant as the 2024 primaries and presidencial election draw closer to its final hour, it is our duty to go out and vote for the candidate and party that best represents our Christian values.  In these primary elections, there is a parade of candidates seeking to be elected, but only a few are truly supportive to our values.  This election season you will hear many voices that will try to help you come to a decision, most likely to their favor.   As Christians we also need to hear the voice of God to make a proper decision.  Before that final day we should have spent lots of time in prayer, asking for God’s divine guidance to help us make the right decision, that there may be no hindrance when we are about to enter heaven’s gate for lack of knowledge.  Remembering this country’s Christian heritage, we should do our best to maintain it for it has blessed this nation and the world.  Don’t let the negative voices keep you from getting involved in the voting process, for they only focus on the bad and not the good of the country.

   We must choose a leader for the office of the president that respects our values. He should have a proven record and is consistent in his beliefs. The candidate must be affiliated with a party that throughout the years has co labor with our Christian values. This means a party who has not supported any laws that is in conflict to the teachings of the Bible.  Perhaps the candidate never held a political job, but he or she must be consistent with their political views, not one who flip flop at his convenience so he can be elected, especially in those issues that pertains to our faith.     

    On election day we should vote according to biblical truth.  Go to the article, Does Jesus have your vote in this website and see some of the policies that go against our Christian values, as they are clearly stated by the writer.  We must choose a leader who has not supported, or voted for the eleven policies mentioned in the article                              Does Jesus have your Vote’, posted in this website  ~ The prophets do speak   The Democrats great moral failures, was in fact their support for those anti Christian policies mentioned in the article.  The Democrats for many years have shown their opposition to the Christian religion by their support of these immoral policies, they gather votes from the uninformed voters and many interests groups who have not the best intentions for the nation.

   We must choose a leader who in no way is a co-sponsor, supports, or votes for the eleven policies and their moral failure mentioned in the article. The candidate must be patriotic, for patriotism keeps the nation united.  We must choose a leader who does not run from world politics and is willing to confront it, especially worldwide terrorism which has spread to our shores.  The following is a list of policies and values a candidate should have and be supportive of. 

A candidate must have strong support for:      

  • Christian.values 
  • A strong Constitutionalist ​​​​​
  • Anti abortion 
  • A strong arm forces  
  • A small government  
  • Balance the federal budget 
  • Tax cutter
  • Support of family values  
  • Border control  
  • Compassion for the poor *   
  • Say no to shady lobbyist when necesary

  There are many other good qualities a candidate should possess.  One thing we need to do is our homework, which is to gather much information of a candidate’s past voting record.  A good candidate should have a consistency in his political philosophies and voting behavior, therefore showing trustworthiness, giving the undecided a sense of confidence and trust.  There is no perfect candidate, but we should measure them up to the highest standard possible for someone high above is looking.  For how we measure them down here, is how we are going to be measure up above.

   We should go out and vote for it’s the right thing to do, doing the right thing sometimes make take a sacrifice, like the widow of Zarephath (1Kgs 17:9-17), she only had enough substance for a few days and then to die.  When she did as the man of God told her, she was saved throughout the famine.  St James said that if we know how to do the right thing and don’t do it. It will be counted unto us as a sin (Jas 4:17) Doing the right thing may go against our natural needs, but when we obey the word of God (Bible) as the widow did, the blessing will not run out and no one..can..take..them..away.                                                                          

   Choosing a candidate is a small matter compare to eternity. We should be faithful in this small matter.  Jesus said, ‘He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much’ (Lk 16:10).  Dear participant receive these words with prayer; cast your vote for Jesus.  In the 2024 primaries, there is an alternative candidate and party who are not at odds with Christianity, vote for him!!!  These are the end times; the road to Glory is getting narrower and shorter.  Don’t sell your soul for any material blessings, remember Esau.  Please pray for this nation.  May God bless you.


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In the Lord Posted

Nelson Cintron

Posted 7/4/19

Edited 7/10/21                                                                                                                           


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