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Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 

TAIL OF THE RED DRAGON                                                   (Rev 12:3)

   In this writing, I am led to speak about the tail of the Red Dragon (Rev 12:3).  Many speak about the Dragon and its tail from the passage in the book of Revelation, but hardly ever talk in detail of the Dragon’s tail.  Like all creatures, the head controls every member of the body.   The tail follows  the  body  and  moves  

according to the instructions received from the head of the Dragon, is to say it follows orders.  This body relationship of head to tail is what I am writing about in this article.  The Bible says, the Dragon with its tail brought down a third part of the stars. Why the Dragon use its tail?  We see the tail is long, moves side to side and can do much harm.  We see the tail is following directions as given by the head.  

   The Dragon is symbolic, but literally it represents Satan and a unity of evil.  Just as Jesus has an earthly body which is the church (Eph 1:22,23, Col 1:24), spiritually speaking the Dragon is the body of Satan.  He literally has an earthly body which is the children of disobedience (2Tim 3:2, Jn 8:44).  In this scene when the Dragon uses his tail and not his mouth or claws, gives light to another revelation.  Satan has all his followers in the tail and they move according to every instruction given by Satan.  Satan’s followers are by the millions, that’s why the tail is very long.  These followers do the job of deceiving and bringing down those who oppose, especially those who are call or believers, as in the heavenly scene, the stars of heavens (Dan 12:3, Heb 11:12), the church believers.  Believers spiritually dwell in heavenly places (Phil 3:20, Acts 26:19, Heb 12:22, Col 3:1-2). Yet many believers will be cast down to live an earthly carnal life because they have lost their heavenly vision, and have conformed to the things of this world (Rom 12:2).   Now the followers that are in the tail consists of many groups and institutions all over the world, and they are united to the Dragon and are part of the antichrist (1Jn 1:18, 4:3).   


  We  mentioned  there are millions of  his followers.   This is why the tail  of  the Dragon  is  very  long.  These  rejected the light  and  now are  part  of  darkness  (Jn 3:19).  In this  tail  you  will  find  many religious institutions,  political parties and there leaders,  There are medical institutions like some hospitals, many doctors, and the medicine industries.  In the tail you will see the Board of Education, colleges, universities, many teachers and professors.  The American civil liberties union (ACLU) has also join the tail of the Dragon.  We must not leave out of the tail the Family planning agency and abortion clinics.          

  As I mentioned earlier from the religious side, the tail has religious cults like Islam, the Catholic priesthood, the New Age movement, the Scientology church, black militant Christian churches, faith preachers* that undermine the Savior, worldly preachers that have abandon the doctrine of separation, prosperity preachers, false prophets that prophesy the return of Jesus, quoting specific dates, and preachers of gain, and many T.V. evangelist.    We cannot leave out of the tail radical Jewish groups who forbid Christian conversions.  Religiuos sellers of natural medicine also have a cozy spot in the tail. The list is very long, we only mentioned a few.  All these in some way or form, do the job of deceiving (Mt 24:24), coercion, or force upon the masses, especially the Christian believer.  

  From the political side, the tail of the Dragon has, the Communist Party, the Socialist Party*, the Democrat Party* lately joined the tail, and Liberal groups.  Yes participant another one who is about to join the tail is the Republican Party.  The gambling commission and global warming groups are also there. Hollywood is very popular in the tail community.  All these members of the tail are being control by the head of the Dragon (Satan) and do his work.  Even if you are siding with any of these groups, you are guilty and will lose God’s blessings if you do not repent.  

   Keep in mind participant that Satan uses his tail (followers) to cast down the stars.  These do the works of iniquity and work against the faith, especially the faith of Christians.  The stars are not part of the tail, they are the victims (Lk 12:12).  Many in the tail may not know they are doing Satan’s works because they had been blinded by Satan himself.  Even some Christians may be part of the tail because they have been deceived by Satan.   

   Dear participant ignorance is not an excuse, there are choices we make, we either choose good or evil.  The path we take we will be judged on.  Jesus spoke about two roads we can walk on, which one will you choose (Mat 7:13.14).  If you feel your eyes are being open by this revelation, and you been lingering in the tail for some time because you been deceived, you can come out.  There is yet a little time left and you can escape a hell fire judgment (Rev 20:11-15).  You may also be a Christian who has been deceived and are part of the tail, today you can come out, now is the day of  salvation (2Cor 6:2, Ps 95: 7,8).  You may think you have a valid reason, Jesus will say, ‘depart from me, ye that work iniquity ……..’ (Mat 7:22,23)


   If you are working for an institution that has corrupted itself, and is pressuring you to do that which is wrong, it is time to come out of there.  God will lead you and guide you and open doors for you that you may not be judged like an unbeliever (Rev 20:11-14).  Whoever you may be and are part of these groups, you have the option to choose either light or darkness.  Darkness has no fellowship with the light.  That Red Dragon (Devil/Serpent) and all works of darkness will be cast to the lake of fire at the White Throne Judgment (Rev 22:12). This has nothing to do with colors, but it has all to do with holiness, righteousness, and truth.  The Lord said, ‘….Darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people’ (Isa 60:2), and ‘I’ am the light of the world, he that cometh to me shall have the light of life (Jn 8:12).  The Bible says whosoever call upon the name of the Lord (Jesus) shall be saved (Acts 2:21).

   Dear participant, you can write to us by email and ask us why these individuals and institutions are in the tail of the Dragon, and what are the works they do to be there.   Feel free to contact us with any questions and comments on this article.  We will be pleased to answer any questions.   God bless you.

*These preachers mentioned here are not the common preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  


*Socialist and Democratic parties, what is the relationship these parties have with the color red and the Red Dragon.  For a deeper understanding of this relationship, stay connected to The Prphets  do Speak  -- .  (Article soon to be posted).


Feel free to send us your comments, see contact. 


In the Lord 

Bro Nelson Cintron

Posted 09/11/17


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