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Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 

Is Voting in the Bible


       I had shared with some of the people of God my dream of The Three Swords, which are the three sins many are participating in against the will of God.  I also shared with them about the importance of voting.  After talking with them, and having heard some of their responses.  Like in the case of one believer who said voting is not in the Bible, and that the candidates are not morally fit to govern.  After listening to many different opinions and points of views, I felt from the Lord to write about some of these issues.

Is Voting Biblical

    In the past, people voted in many different ways. In 1Sam. 8:7 the people chose an earthly king rather than God to govern them. In Acts 12:20-23, the people voted against King Herod by a unanimous shout.  Uniting their voices against the king and causing a quick reaction from God, who smote him with leprosy. In Mt. 27, the people persuaded by their leaders, chose Barabbas to be set free, rather than Jesus.  This also was a type of voting. In 2Sam. 2:4, 5:3, the people of Judah and Israel anointed David to be king over them; this too was a form of voting. 


     Whether it’s a ballot box, voting booth, or uniting our voices together in one accord it's all the same. Whichever way you do it, you are actually voting and expressing favor or dislike for a person or an issue. We believe voting is the will of God for this country. Many people came to this country seeking better lives and freedom of religion. America, being the biggest Christian nation on Earth, should we not try to preserve its Christian heritage and the privileges available in this country? Remember brethren/readers, our children will still be here after we have gone to the other side. What greater gift, after salvation, can we leave our children than to live in a free and Godly nation. Is God telling you not to vote? Is he telling you to do nothing, but sit on the sidelines and watch the parade go by? Jesus did not stand by and watch the world perish. The Scriptures say Jesus was in glory, humbled himself, and came down to this world.  Took upon himself our filthy sins, and suffered the death of the Cross (Phil. 2:6-8).  The Holy Ghost also holds back the floods of iniquity through many different ways.  Our prayers and our vote are weapons, against the powers of darkness that are at work in this country. Sometimes there are dirty jobs that need to be done, and they fall upon us to do them.


     Political parties are like contaminated waters.  And politicians are like hungry sharks.  At times it is needful to jump into the less contaminated one. Not jumping in is not an option, for the stakes are very high. Remember your children and grand children might suffer the loss.  The land of opportunity and freedom might not be here in the near future. We who live in this country and have the right to vote must use it wisely. God knows your heart.  God’s eyes are upon this country and its citizens.  We must participate in the governing process. A church elder in the U.S. said, “When we are bathing the baby, don’t throw away the baby along with the dirty water.” The issues of freedom, abortion, gay marriage, and high taxation are more important than the candidate himself. Some of these issues are still worth fighting for.  Voting is one weapon we can use.  If we don’t vote we might be out of the will of God, and he might hold us liable.  We strongly urge you to vote for the parties and candidates, who best represent these issues biblically.   


       Some say they’re afraid to vote for someone who may turn out to be a Hitler.  Or for politicians who cannot be trusted. This, to a great extent, is true. Paul said, “Follow not that which is evil (3Jn 3:11).  Once you see someone turning to the side and are no longer walking in truth at that time, we should no longer support them. We in this country have many safe guards to keep the balance of powers.  The Constitution was written to stop men who may do such evils. God is with us and he will guide us at that particular time.      

 What Happens If You Don’t Vote?

      In Esther 4:14, Mordecai told Esther that, if she held her peace and did nothing, she also might be destroyed. We too, if we do nothing, we will suffer in the loss of what happens in this country. Satan, like Haman, seeks to destroy us the church.  They want us to bow down to every demand.  They have set up all kinds of laws to compromise our faith. We must side with those who have respect for the Word of God. Sometimes, we have to choose the better candidate and vote for the bigger issues, rather than the candidate himself. The world is changing rapidly and so is this country.  What goes on in our government affects everyone.


      In 2Sam 15 we see Absalom who out of unforgiveness hatred, and rebellion, went against his father David and also plotted to take over the kingdom by stealing the hearts of the people. Pampering to different groups and forgiving their debts, lead the country to a civil war and caused the deaths of thousands, including his and David’s army, in the end dying in disgrace. Isn’t this a similar picture of what is happening in the White House?  The U.S. Constitution and our Founding Fathers are a type of David.  And to the contrary, Obama and his followers are a type of Absalom.  Who having their roots in divisions, lies and dissent, are willing to throw out our Constitution and come up with some new way of life for this country. Remember the framers of the Constitution wrote it with the Bible in mind.


      Remember brethren/reader, charity is a voluntary will.  Anything different than that, is stealing, and no thief enters the Kingdoms of Heaven. If a thief stops you and steals from you, let him have your valuables.  He's a legitimate thief, and has earned his title.  Your life is worth more than all your valuables. Now are you telling me it is okay for Obama and the Democrats to take your money by excessive taxation? Have they earned a thief's title.  Excessive taxation is stealing from the people. If you don’t agree with this statement, may I ask you from what Scriptures are you reading from? Remember the story of Zaccheus, how he made himself rich, digging deep in the people’s pockets.


      If Jesus be knocking at your door for support, to elect him Lord and king. He being the living Word of God, would you give him your support? Knowing what he says in the Bible, why would you cast your vote for anyone else, who is contradicting his words. Consider this commentary prayerfully; the way you vote here cannot be changed in Heaven; for Jesus said in the Lord’s Prayer let thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. 


     Dear reader, with fear and trembling, I tell you, God knows our hearts.  The Bible says in 1Tim. 6:8, having food and raiment let us be therewith content. Our greatest possession is the Bible, we shouldn't trade it for anything else. There is a reason for this passage in the Bible.  God wants us to look up, to a country and a city not made with human hands (Heb. 11:10), but by the hands of God.  Dear reader, just a little while longer, and he that will come, will come, and not tarry, (Heb. 10:37) to give to every man according to his work’s (Rev. 22:12).


   Finally  dear brethren/reader, take this message prayerfully.  There is a greater reward in the horizon, and it is for you.  May God bless you, and provide for you, according to all His riches and glory (Phil. 4:19).       


In the Lord

Bro Nelson Cintron

Posted 12/03/13


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