Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 

    RED RUSSIA, RED CHINA, RED DRAGON                                       (REV 12)

 Dear participant, this is the second part of the story I wrote of THE TAIL OF THE RED DRAGON.  I spoke about the relationship of the color red with Red..Russia and Red..China and their association with communism and socialism and what they have in common with The Red Dragon.  When the scriptures say the color of the dragon is red there is reason why. In this writing I’ll mainly be speaking about the color and what type of government the antichrist will be associated with at the end times.

  The color Red historically is associated with the color of blood which is Red.  This association has been in both worlds, religious and secular.  The first shedding of blood was

done shortly after the creation of man.  There we see Cain shedding blood when he killed Abel (1).  Satan was there at the very early of men’s creation.  He is also behind many evil entities, Serpent (2), Devil (3), The Tempter (4), Roaring Lion (5), Prince of this world (6), Dragon (7).  Lucifer (8), god of this world (9), He hides in these entities for the sole purpose to kill and destroy.     

   As this Roaring Lion goes about who he may devour, we see his intent is to shed as much blood as possible (10).  Keep in mind that the roaring lion is also the Dragon.  This Dragon/Satan has the power to control and weaken entire nations (11) for he is also known as the god of this world.  He also has power over companies, political parties and much more, practically anything that rejects the knowledge of God. Biblically we see a pattern how Satan tries to kill the newborn children.  In Moses days Pharaoh kills all the newborn children’s (12).  In Jesus days Herod kills all the newborn children’s (13).  Towards the end we also see the Dragon/Satan standing before the woman ready to devour the man child and persecute the remnant of her seed which are the remaining Christians (14).

   Biblically we seen how this Dragon/Satan has tried to hinder the plan of God and shed as much blood as possible.  Historically many believers were killed in the coliseums by the Romans (15), this persecution was mainly started by the religious Jews at the time of Jesus and after that the Romans (16).  Many heroes of the Reformation also were killed, this persecution was led by the Catholic church at that time and enforced by the local government (17).  The Red Dragon was behind in all these persecutions to destroy the church. No wonder the Dragon/Satan is totally covered by red (blood), in this heavenly scene in Revelation 12.

   Being that Revelation 12 is a future prophecy,   the Dragon  in  this scene controls many nations  as we see the crowns on his head. (18).    In this last century, we also saw great persecution  to  the Christian Church by the Dragon / Satan. The Red Dragon/Satan was also behind the nations of  Red Russia        and Red China when they shed the blood of thousands of Christians and others to take control of their nations wealth and submit everyone under their iron hand. Because of this they earned the names of Red Russia and Red China.  The Dragon in Revelation 12:3 is the spiritual side of this world event, the unveiling of what will take place in the world.  The other two beasts are the literal part of this prophecy, they will carry out the desires of the first beast the Dragon/Satan here on earth (19).       

  In recent years almost all the nations of the world rejected communism.  They rejected communism, but they chose a softer communism, this softer communism is called Democratic Socialism, and its roots goes back to communism.  The spirit that operated in communism is also behind in this Socialist Democratic system. The leaders that are in this system, are possessed with the same spirit, totalitarian and evil and The Red Dragon is also behind them. So, this roaring lion, the spiller of blood has not died or disappear yet, soon he will raise his head one more time. This one more time it will be against the Christian Church again and Israel.

   As we have mention in our previous writings, just as Jesus has a literal body the church, Satan also has a literal body which is The Dragon.  The Dragon in Revelation 12 has always been throughout history, now that we are nearing the coming of the Lord, he will be doing one of his final work as we are coming to a final end. Yes, as the world rejects communism and also rejects capitalism, almost all the nations of the world are all uniting under one government system, that is a Socialist Democratic system.  This system of government is the one that will be associated with the Dragon. 


   The fruit of Communism is Democratic Socialism, and the spirit behind these two are the same.  They are both alike in nature, totalitarian and fascist and they are antichrist.  The one world leader will be at the front of this one world government. This leader and one world government are synonym to each other. Their aim is to control the world and also the church. As we have said, this association of the color red with blood and communism, socialism, now Socialist Democrats and the Dragon are all related and has been there throughout history.          

  This world dominating power or Dragon and its beast is deceiving many nations and uniting them under one banner, socialism or Socialist Democrats.  Millions of Christians are being deceive even now as is taking shape and growing in size. Later millions will be deceived by its leader for the miracles he performs (20).  The unprepared Christian Church will follow the Dragon for a time (The remnant of her seed, Rev 12:17). But when the man child, the prepared church, they that were watching, and praying be caught up to the throne, the left behind church which is the remnant of her seed, will refuse to follow the Dragon/beast (Socialist Democrats and its leader) and take its mark (666) which at this time the Dragon or world government (Socialist Democrats) will persecute the now rebellious Christians (21).  Most of the church who are asleep spiritually will suffer decapitation when they finally awake and resist the antichrist/beast/Dragon (22).

   There is a great battle going on in the powers that are in the air over this country of the USA.  The Dragon is doing its best to form its body here too. The USA might be Satan’s last battle ground on earth before it finally appears as a world power with its world leader.  As we see this country fall into darkness by the immoral laws is adapting, and becoming an ungodly nation, and the people also embracing Democratic Socialism.  And as the country turns spiritually speaking the color of RED (this red not to be confused with red or blue political parties in the USA, but rather red as the Red Dragon).  A vast majority of the population in this country will be joining the tail of the Dragon and will be uniting with their counterpart across the world to form the body of the Dragon (23), to stand against the man child and the seed of the woman (the church or five virgins), and to stand against Israel (24).   All the people who are RED minded (Socialist Democrats) will be in fact the seed of communism and will be in the tail of the Dragon.  A great part of them that associated themselves with the seed of communism and the Dragon/beast/Socialist Democrats, their souls will be lost in the eternal lake of fire if they have not repented (25).  Yes participant, the Dragon is covered with red all over, its worldwide and its deceitful.    

   There is a reality that people in this country must face.  The reality is where the political parties are heading to, and where they are taking the country.  The direction we are heading to is critical as far faith is concerned.  There is a place we don’t want to be if we don’t want to stand in judgment (Ps 9:17).  There are gauges that measures a critical point of danger.  A gauge that measures the temperature of water in a car, once the needle reaches the hot area, the car will over heat and cannot be forced to continue.  It is not difficult to see that in this country (US) the Democratic Party is the one that’s taking us to the red area of the measuring gauge as far faith is concerned. The Democrats have become an antichrist party and reached the red area of the gauge in the meter of faith.  From the immoral laws they adopted to embracing Socialism, they reached and stand in judgment of God.  Anybody who at this time is following this party, will stand side by side with them in this matter and receive the same recompense when they stand at Judgment Day.

Dear participant, there is great battle for your soul.  Satan and his angels are doing their best to entrap you under his snares.  One of Satan’s greatest tool is in the game of politics and political parties.  This tool is perhaps Satan number one tool to drag souls to hell fire (26).  This truth you will not hear through the church pulpit, or most of the news media.  You will hear this truth only by those God has chosen to speak on this subject.   We the Christian Church will be facing a great test to see if we hold on to the truth (27) Politics will not save you, Jesus will, but what you do with your salvation, and who you give power to, will determine your resting place.  May God bless you, see references at below.                                                                 


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