Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 

A Very High Mountain

(Isaiah 2:3)


  A few years after I was saved, when God had opened my eyes to see spiritual things, there were things that I saw within the family of God that made me wonder. Why are some believers more spiritual than others? They are more zealous, more devoted and faithful.  Always going on with the Lord. Yet others, slower, not as devoted, less active and miss meetings. And some others start their spiritual journey and after a short time they backslide.  As I read the Bible, I saw that our spiritual journey is best seen through the children of Israel's travels, from Egypt to The Promised Land. Also in the bible you can see a spiritual picture of the believers when they first hear the word of God, or receive the seed of the word in their hearts (Mat 13; 7, 22). It was during this time in my spiritual journey, that as I meditated on these things, after my usual night prayer, that I dreamed this dream. 


A High Mountain


   I saw a very High Mountain, miles and miles high and wide. The Mountain was full of houses and streets all over.  There was in the middle, a road that went straight up to the top. As I looked into the dream, I saw myself in a car, on the passenger side. The driver I could not tell who he was. We were both going from the bottom up on this straight road. As we drove up, I was looking side to side at all the houses.  In my spirit as I look to the houses, I was able to see the life of the people inside the houses.  They were very busy. I was able to discern, because of their life style, they were too busy to do anything else, but those things that pertain to their own well being. As I looked, I could tell they had no serious commitment to faith life. Their life was their first priority, and God last. As we headed upward, I saw it was the same for many of the house dwellers on this mount. They seemed too comfortable with their lives. After passing halfway up the mount, the dream ended. Soon after the Lord revealed to me that most of the people in the houses were those same believers that were having difficult time in their spiritual journey and even backsliding. After this dream God gave me better understanding of the brethren and was better able to pray for them. As I meditated on this mountain and houses, I felt by the Holy Ghost to write about this dream.


The Holy Mountain of God


   The Bible speaks of the Holy Mountain of God (Isa 2:3). On this Holy Mountain is The House of God, the Church. We can see the Church also being called The Holy Mountain of God. In this revelation these two become one. Mt Zion is also part of this Mountain.  For the purpose of explaining this dream, I’ll refer to the Church and Mt Zion as one. In the dream, the people in the houses are the believers in the Church of God. When souls are saved and added to the Church, they also enter into Gods Holy Mountain, the Church. The houses in the dream are material possessions.  As we drove up I saw the believers too occupied with their houses and their life styles.  For their life style was not a simple one. The more possessions they had, the more they were occupied.  As I meditated on this dream, the revelation I received was that these material things and life style of living was choking their spiritual life (Mat 13:7, 22). Their walk with the Lord was being compromised, losing their first love they had for the Lord. St Paul said, “Having food and raiment let us be therewith content” (1 Tim 6:8). There is nothing wrong with having a house, money and things.  But how big a house, and how high is the price, the amount of time we spend with these things, that in itself, can hinder our walk with the Lord, causing us to do less for God or even backslide. 


   Dear reader as God has revealed this dream to me, he can also reveal to you anything that may be hindering your walk and prayer before God. The following are some stumbling blocks that affect our devotion to God.




   We should be careful going after vanity, and too many material things. As I mentioned before, how many, how big, and luxurious, and how much attention it will bring us. In ( Eccl 2:1-11), Solomon’s material things end with the letter “s”, and the word  increase, both of these mean more than enough. We are told to remember Lot’s wife (Luke 17:32). They were told by the angel not to look back as they fled the destruction of the city. When she looked back at the city of Sodom burning to ashes, she turned into a pillar of salt. You may wonder why she looked back.  From the previous verse we see, it was her material possessions. Her possessions became her stumbling block.


A Divided Heart


   A divided heart can keep us from living a life totally for the Lord. God wants to give us an undivided heart, a whole heart. The word whole means complete, totally for him (1 Chr 12:3) ( Jer 32:39). The multitude of his fruits and increase of altars (Hos 10:1, 2). This speaks of having abundance of blessings, if we are not grateful to God for them, all these blessings can turn to idols. As you dedicate all your time to them, you are increasing altars of worship to as many idols (blessings) you have, and worshipping them. With confession and repentance, a real desire and a sincere prayer, God can give us an undivided heart. Dear reader, “Let’s keep our hearts with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life” (Pro 4:23).


A Cold Heart


   Dear brethren if your heart has turned cold towards the Lord.  And you are not spending quality time with him, because you have too many blessings or no blessings at all. You have little time, or you think he doesn’t deserve any time, because you think he has not been mindful of your needs.  You have lost your first love towards God. You have lost your compass direction, and you are heading the wrong way and now you cannot hear the voice God. Call upon him and ask him to restore unto you the joy of his salvation (Ps 51:12). If we sincerely ask him for this, he will surely do it. Our life here is very short, seventy to eighty years. “Like a vapor that appears for a while then vanishes” (Jas 4:14). That day of glory is very near.  Let’s get ready.


In The Lord
Bro NelsonCintron                                                        Posted 01/24/14



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