Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 



   It’s been some years since I had this dream and until recently, I was able to give it some meaning.  I dreamed I was walking in a field.  I saw myself walking in this field with another person next to me, but I could not tell who he was.  


   On the field I looked up to see the clear blue sky and to my surprise I saw three opened windows.  They were just hanging in midair, one a bit higher than the other.  The three windows had beautiful frames with bold pastel colors on them.  They looked as they were opened but I could not see anything going thru them.  I stood there looking at them for a while then the dream ended.


   For some years I thought about it, but I could not get anything. I wonder if the field or the windows or colors meant anything but could not come to a full understanding of it.  Recently I was able to get some meaning of it.  As I meditated on the dream what caught my attention was the bold pastel colors of the frames, also the number three.  I felt this dream was more then just a dream and was compelled to write about it.


   The number three has a relation to the triune God.  There is three in heaven that is listening to our prayers thru those opened windows in the sky.  The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, and to whoever you pray to in the triangle of God, he will hear you and answer your prayer in his time (Jer 33:3).  Those soundwaves of prayer will make it through Gods opened windows and reach the very throne of God.  We must pray and not faint in the process (Lk 18:1)


   God does not close the heavenly windows, even when at times we may think he has done so, and we being impatient lose our hope.  The heavenly father really wants us to talk to him and have fellowship with him.  We also must learn to wait for his voice to come through those opened windows in the skies.  It may take some time for God to answer, but when he does, he will answer your prayer and speak peace to your soul (Ps 85:8) and gives you rest.


   There are many windows, but for now we will speak of three special ones. These three windows are love (Jer 31:3), hope (Ps 38:15), and mercy (Ps 103:17).  As we look at these windows, we pray that you be inspired to pray and your faith to increase as you look to Gods windows in sky. 


   We begin with the window of love.  In Song of Solomon there is a love relation between the bride and the bridegroom (S of S 6:3,10).   This speaks to us about the special relation between the church and Jesus (Jn 13:1, Eph 5:25, 1Jn 4:19).  Here we can see the desire of our savior wanting to be with us, and we the bride longing to be united with our savior.  


   Let’s look at the window of hope.  It is not a foolish thing to have hope, because in our hearts there is an empty place that is waiting to be filled.  In this place there is needs, wants, and expectations.  All the things our hearts are waiting for to happen. In matters of the faith is the hope of the glory of God (Rom 5:2).  We the church are also looking for that blessed hope and appearance of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ (Tit 2:13).  In Genesis Noah after forty days open the window of the ark after the rain ceased. Finally, there was hope for mankind when eventually the dove brought back hope in a olive leaf she plucked from the tree (Gen 8:6-13).  


   The third window is the  windows of mercy,This is one that we constantly are looking and praying through.  Because of our constant faults and failures, and our often need for help and mercy from God, this window is mostly look to in our spiritual journey.  Lets take a look how some where blessed by the mercies  of God.  As doves to their windows so will the Gentiles receive the mercies of God (Isa 60:8).  Because of God’s mercy, Jesus came and died for us (Jn 3:16).  God promises abundant mercies to open the windows of heavens if the people return to him from their backsliding (Mal 3:10).  Paul received mercy when he was let down through a window and escape for his life for preaching the gospel (2Co 11:33).  The thieve on the cross who at the last moment of time believe on the Son of God, and because he believed, he received mercy and was given eternal life in paradise (Lk 23:43)


   The second part of this dream speaks about bold pastel colors, not pale faded or washed away colors.  These bold colors speak of truth, clarity, distinction, a clear direction, and definition.  Many testified of the boldness Jesus when he spoke (Jn 7:26).  The officers who came for Jesus said they never heard no one speak like that before, when they heard Jesus speak (Jn 7:46).  Jesus spoke a clear message, not pale weak and washed away message. 


   In politics you might want to look at a speech president Ronald Reagan gave at the Republican Convention in 1976. At this convention he spoke about the clear bold pastel color of his party platform.  Reagan also mentioned of the pale old washed away and frail policies of the opposing party.  This president bold ideas were received by most people in the country, giving him a landslide victory for a successful two turn presidency.


Posted 9/10/22  

By Nelson Cintron 


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