Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 


   ‘There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death’ (Prov 14:12).  As men choses to turn their backs to God and head a different course, undoubtedly, he faces death as he comes to the end of that road.         


   Most of the world is celebrating CHRISTMAS 2021 and they are busy going about buying gifts, preparing for family gatherings, putting up lights, setting up display for the front lawn, and giving invitations to friends and relatives.  The masses are hoping this Christmas would be a blessed Christmas.  We surely hope God would bless this Christmas for all.


   When society is changing the reason for the season, can God really bless the people?  The word fake* is being going around for some years in this country.  As I drive all over the tri state area (truck driver), I seen Santa Claus, Christmas trees with ornaments, lightings, displays of Rodolph the red nose reindeer, snowman, sleigh mobiles, wooden soldiers, colorful choo choo trains, expensive lawn displays of all kinds and so on.  The sad part of all the things I saw in the front lawns, only one out of fifty front lawn displays had the real Christmas ornaments on it.  Very few had the biblical display on their lawn, one out of fifty had the biblical display on them.  A biblical display would be the holy family and the manger, angels sheeps, shepherds’, a star, three wise man with gifts, animal stall, or words display saying, ‘A savior Christ the Lord’ or ‘peace on earth good will towards men’ (Luk 2:11, 14).


   If one out of fifty had the proper display on their lawn, what would you say about the remaining forty-nine.  Dear participant, for a few years I been wanting to write about this dishearten change of course of this country America.  Its not hard to conclude that forty-nine or about ninety percent nationwide of the people in this country is celebrating a fake* Christmas.  Even some deceived Christians are celebrating the fake Christmas.


   Today’s society like a good show, lots of lights, fancy decorations, loaded Christmas trees, front lawns captivating the eyes and imagination and so on.  If Joseph and Mary be knocking at the doors of ninety percent of our society to bring forth Jesus, they would most likely be sent to the stall to have their baby.  Believe it or not how a person dress tells a lot about a person.  In the same manner how you decorate a home tells a lot about you.  Your decorations and front lawn may look great, but in the eyes of God and when judgement day comes,  how would it look ?


   The liberals in the Democratic Party have been very busy trying to take out God from the government, institutions, our dollar bill and on and on.  They also working hard to change our Thanksgiving Day and call it another name. They also trying to stamp out Christmas Day.  The more socialist/communist we become, the more faith and Christianity goes out from our books, institutions, media, billboards, and even our dinning tables.  Yes, you may hear the word Christmas but what they really are referring to is the commercial Christmas.  The modern Christmas is all about a lighted up Christmas tree which has nothing to do with the birth of Christ, dinners, parties, alcohol, and dancing that attracts the demons and so on. 


   The Christmas tree comes from a pagan practice (Jer 10:3,4).  The pagans went to the woods and cut up a tree, brought it to the house and adorn it with silver and gold ornaments. This pagan ritual was adopted by many European churches and later north America, they also brought with them the heathen practice of the Santa Claus with sleigh and reindeer.  So, what is the real Christmas? What would you see in a real Christmas celebration?  We would have to go to the bible to see the real Christmas celebration and see what’s in there. 


 In the biblical story, in the  first scene you will see, shepherds on the countryside with sheep’s, one angel and his message  (Lk 2:10-12), and a multitude of heavenly host announcing the birth of Jesus (Lk 2:13-14).

In the second scene you will see, Joseph and Mary in a barn with baby Jesus in a manger, the shepherds from the first scene and perhaps some barn animals  (Lk 2:16)So far, no evidence of pine trees, snowman, Santa on a sleigh, reindeers, chimneys, or fireplace

On the third scene you would see three wise men (not kings), perhaps they would be riding on camels carrying gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, and a bright star.

On the forth scene you would see three wise men (not kings), with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus and a house where they lived.  Yet to see no evidence of, pine trees, snowman, Santa on a sleigh, reindeers, chimneys, or fireplace.

   Setting up a Christmas tree and adorning it with gold and silver ornaments is a pagan practice on the birth of Christ and you will be judged for that (Jer 10:3,4), just the same a snowman, Santa Claus, sleigh mobile, reindeers, or any ornaments that is offensive to the Christian faith and apostolic doctrines will cause you to be judged and lose your place in glory.  These are all vain pagan practices. No true believer of God should be involved in these false practices.  

   Dear friend or family, what are you practicing this year, a truth, or a lie, a real or fake story The story of Christmas, which is the Nativity Story, comes from the Bible.  Millions of people let the Christmas holiday go by without sharing the true story of Jesus.  In the last book of the Bible call the book of Revelations, at the end it says, ‘if any man adds to the prophecy, God shall add the plagues mention in the Bible. Again, it says if any man takes away from the prophecy, ‘He shall take away your part out from the book of life’ (Rev 22:18,19).  You will not enter the Kingdom of God if you are celebrating Christmas and denying Jesus these pagan decorations.  The Christmas story or better said the Nativity Story is prophecy and a prophecy fulfilled (Isa 7:14, Mi 5:2).  


   Dear friend and family, reconsider what you are displaying in your front lawn or living room.  There is a message during the Christmas season. Are you displaying a true Christmas or a Fake one?  Share and display the real story with your children and friends, God will bless you for doing so. 

   May you have a real blessed Christmas as you share the Nativity story this Christmas season and may God bless you and family. 


Bro  Nelson Cintron                                                           Published 12/6/21

*Fake – Trump’s comment your comments:


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