Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 


(Lk 10:19)

   God bless you brethren, I want to share with you how yesterday the Lord was tremendously teaching me.  In my backyard garden, again appeared the serpents.  Like the teaching or parable of the sower (Mt 13:24), when he planted the good seed and the tares appeared.  The laborers told him, who planted these here? We did not plant bad seed.  He said, the enemy planted them, should we pluck them out said the laborers?  No, let the good ones grow along with the bad ones, than later we take them out.  I also thought, well I didn’t sow serpents here for serpents to appear.  But you know these serpents were sound asleep.  Yes, there they were and even I would have not noticed they were there.  And I never put my glasses on because they fall.  I was looking closely, and I saw her sound asleep and I right away took her (shake her).  And I move the plants, and there were two other asleep.  I then buried them for fertilizer for my plants.


   But the Lord was teaching me, that there are things in my heart that are dormant.  But I think that there is nothing wrong with me.  But when someone moves something like I did in the garden, there they are hiding.  I want the Lord to take out everything, because I truly want to shine for my daughters, for my husband, for the world. That the Lord takeout every bad thing from me.  Those things I thought were not there.  Like pastor T.U. used to say, when they touch your button that comes out.  Then at times we have to search ourselves out, like the bible says, to see if really we are ok.  And no, sometimes we put on a face, and, but inside are those things, that no one see but God does.  I wanted to share, and I hope no more serpents appear.  And if they appear, you could be sure I will hit them very hard, amen.


This testimony is from a sister from a local church: 


Commentary by bro. Nelson Cintron:


   Dear brethren and participants, at all times we have to keep watch of our castle or garden.  Like the watchmen on the walls looking out for the enemy (Isa 62:6).  Just as Satan was in the Garden of Eden, again he wants to enter our garden.  When we were saved, Jesus Christ destroyed the power of the enemy in our lives and gave us freedom (Heb 2:14,15), and gave us new birth  with a new spirit and new heart (Ezek 11:19,20, Joel 2:28, Acts 2:4,39).  The enemy of our souls never rest, he tries to take us back and enslaves us.  With him are his followers or fallen spirits that wrestle against us (Mt 12:43-45).  Also there are familiar spirits we often make friendship with, some of them are anger, grudge, hate, unforgiveness, pride and many more.  In the natural we cannot see them, but like our sister said, if someone touches our button they come out. 

   Sometimes the Lord allows us to see them to make a deeper work in us.  The enemy with his legions of unclean spirits plants the tares in our hearts and minds, to choke the good word the Lord has put in our hearts (Mt 13:24-30).  And like the parable of the seven unclean spirits            (Mt 12: 43-45).  If our house is not adorned with the word of God, they come and dwell in, and for them to come out will be very hard.  Our latter state will be worse than our first.  For example, if our sins would be multiply x I, now they will be multiply x 7.  These hidden tares or serpents can be exposed by listening to the word of God, or the daily reading of the scriptures and fasting.  Yes, we should take these tares or serpents shake them and make them fertilizer for our plants, Hallelujah Amen!


We hope this testimony has been a blessing for you.


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                                      In  the Lord                                                       Bro  Nelson Cinron                                  5/30/2015      


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