Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 

 THE LAST DRINK                     (Isaiah 5:11)


  Recently I had this dream. It was an ordinary night like any other. As I dreamed, I could see myself in Paris France, with other believers who spoke English and French. In the dream, I could see myself with some French brothers, trying to witness to unbelievers in the French and English language. I was witnessing to a person in English, and a French brother was translating to French for me. At the same time, I happen to look across the street. I saw a long line of people waiting and cheering for a famous celebrity. The cheering was very distracting and we could not witness effectively. I told the other believers we should go somewhere else, and they all agreed. We walked on this road were the houses and buildings had a very beautiful French architecture. As we walked down the sidewalk and turned the corner, we saw other believers from our church witnessing. These other believers seem to have better luck witnessing.


    Finally we were able to take a few sinners for prayer. We took them to this house, the front doors had flowers on them and pastors and workers were assembled there. We all went in and everyone started to pray for these new souls. After some time, we decided to go witnessing just one more time before the day ended. We came to a large building that looked like a government meeting hall. There was no one at the door, so we decided to walk in. We saw the place was filled with politicians and businessman in fine suits. We noticed that they were looking at us. I told our believers to spread out and pass the English and French tracts we were carrying. I came up to a man dressed in a suit with his back towards me. As he turned around, I was able to see he was one of our young adult believers. He also noticed who I was. For a while I was in a state of shock. I immediately went to my other companions, and suggested we should leave right away. We debated for a few minutes then headed out the door. Standing outside we looked back to the building. As I looked thru the front open door, that was still opened. I saw that same believer still inside the building looking at me. He was raising a glass of champagne; he was either offering it to me, or making a toast. We were standing there in shock, to see him do this. Moments after, we were in shock again. The building went up in flames, along with this young believer with the cup in his hands. As the building was burning, we could hear the screams and cries of the people inside. As we looked, we could fill the evil and rage coming from the fire. Right after this the dream ended.


This dream is from a young adult from a local church: 


   Dear brethren and participant, the young brother owner of this dream related to me, he had a burden for all the youth of the church. He wanted to see them overcome their trials,  including himself. He desired  for  all  the church to pray for them.


Commentary by Bro. Nelson Cintron:


To all of our youth and young adult
and to all the young people in all denomintions:                                                                                                                             
I thank God for your presence, participation and obedience in the house of God, which is a small picture of  The Kingdom of God. All of you are plants and flowers  that  beautify the Lords garden in which you have been planted. Like the nation of Israel when he was young and obedient. They were as gardens by the river side, as fragrant trees of aloes and as strong fragrant cedar trees by the waters  (Num 24:6).    Balaam  could  not  curse  them because they were in God’s  hand.    Likewise  you,   when  you abide  in  the  hands  of  God.   Evil   cannot   touch   you   and curses  cannot come upon you,  you  will  be  blessed  of  God receiving his promises (Num 23:11).

   As you are preparing for adulthood, it will also come with great responsibility, and that is to have the word of God abide in you (1Jn 2:14). So you may overcome the lust of all the things of this world (1Jn 2:16). Something went wrong to the young adult in this dream. He was lifting up a glass of adult beverage. He was wining and dining with the wrong people. The place was set on fire, and that was his last drink for all eternity. Many years ago I heard a similar tragic in the news. There was a night club, filled with young people drinking and dancing. There was a problem between two men inside this place. One of them left the place with vengeance in his heart. Later on that night he returned and set the front entrance on fire. The place started burning up real fast, everyone started running to find an exit. There was only one rear exit but, it was shut so no thieves could enter in, at the same time no one could exit out. Tragically over fifty partiers lost their lives trying to escape. I have seen similar things happen to young believers, throughout my walk with the Lord. God forbid this would happen to any young adult. In the dream, this young person was in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing (Ps 1:1), we are counsel by God’s word not to drink strong drinks (Isa 5:11). He went astray from God’s presence, and did not have the time to come back to the Savior’s love (Jn 3:16).


   Dear brother/sister do not corrupt yourself with the things of this world (1Jn 2:15,16). Keep yourself simple and pure in the love of God, for this is his will for you (2 Cor 11:3,1 Tim 5:22). For all things wait upon the Lord for he is good to them that wait on him (Lam 3:25).


May God bless you young brother/sister
go forward and prepare for his coming


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In the Lord
Bro Nelson Cintron                                                                                 09/18/2014


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