Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 

MARIA                (Mat 24:6-8)                        

                                              I had returned to my

homeland to spend some time there.  The island had just suffered a terrible hurricane.    

The people were going through a tough time even many months after the deadly storm had ended.  There was great damage to the 

the infrastructure of the island, specially the electricity, many wooden houses and many roofs were blown away, bridges washed away, trees, light poles and power lines on the floor.  The agriculture and the landscape were ruined, trees totally stripped from all leaves and the people was left with no light  or  drinking  water  for  months.  The roads were blocked    

and traveling was dangerous. The deadly storm took lives, led to hunger, lack of work, and sickness. To add to the pain and suffering, the politicians did dirty politics for their own gain.

In short, the island was in chaos and a spirit of anxiety and depession hover over the land. I got to the island five months after hurricane Maria had hit the island.  By then electricity and potable water had reach my village,  but  hundreds of  towns were still in the dark.   Although these basic privileges had reach

my village, I had no electricity in my home because a large tree branch had knocked down my power lines.  For many weeks I was in the dark and water would come and go every other day.  I decided to look at the situation from a positive point of view.  A scripture came to my mind that said, “All things work together for good….”  (Ro 8:28).    I said to myself,   this can be a good learning experience, knowing how my grandparents and great grandparents used to lived and survived.  I remember going through a little bit of that when I was child in the village.  That was then but now it was different, I didn’t have their knowledge on how to survive without the modern blessings we enjoy today. There was no stove, no Frigidaire, no fans or air conditioners, no window screens for mosquitos back then, can you imagine.

   Now I had to find someone to connect my power lines.  Just about everyone else in my village had electricity, but my case was an isolated one.  The power company were to busy getting power to the towns and critical areas, it would take over half year to get them to come to my home.  Most of the electricians in the area refused to connect my lines to the pole because my wires were too close to the primary wires.  Now I was contemplating returning to the states much earlier than what I anticipated.  Almost at a last moment of time, I was able to find a more daring couple of electricians to connect my power lines, thank God.    After weeks of walking  with  candles and  flashlight

inside the house, it was a beautiful thing to see every room in the house lit up nice and bright.  I was amazed how powerful is the light.  We are so accustom to seeing our houses lit up at the flip of a switch.  We take for granted these modern blessings of manmade light.  Light shines and exposes everything we may not see in the dark.   When light  shines  in a  home,  every  creature,  insect,  or crawling thing flees away.     Now we can freely move  around without  the  fear  of  stumblig,  it  is  a  marvelous  thing.   

   Something else marvelously lighted up in my mind, the day light came in to my soul (Jn 1:4,9), the day I was saved (Eph 2:4,5).  When the eternal light shined  into my dark life (1P 2:9). Now I was able to see everything in a different way.  That light not only shine the way, but also purged me within  (He 9:14 , Jo 15:3).  What  soap  and  water  could  not do the light of Jesus did (Eph 5:13,14).  Yes, this light is more powerful than the one brought to us by a copper wire, even more powerful than the light  of  the  sun  (Mal  4:2,  Mat  13:43)

Jesus said, “I’m that light” (Jo 8 :12).  He brings us the light that comes from the father.  Moses and Jesus had gone up to the mountain, when they came down, they shined with the glory of the father.  Coming to the mountain is coming to God, he will give us the light of life ( Jo 1:4, 14)

  Dear friend if you still living a sinful life, would you let that light come in into you, and shine into your sins and darkness.  If you let it come in, it will shine, and all the darkness of sin will flee away.  All the bad natures and carnal desires will flee.  You will become a new person, born again and free. Contact us and we will pray for you.  May God bless you   


  By God’s mercies help to the island has improved, but there are areas that still needs attention. Please pray that help may arrive does in need.



                                                            In the Lord                                                                                Bro Nelson Cintron                                                4/4/18


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