Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 

The Open Door

(Rev 3:8)

   Praise the lord;   I just  want  to  thank God  for  given  me  a  chance  to  glorify  his  name.   2014  last  year has  been  a  great  year for  me.

  It was an amazing year, were  God  did  wonders, were   I  actually   got   to  know  that  God   was faithful.  I  know this is a  very  delay  testimony, but last year I graduated.  I  just  want  to  praise God for that.  I just thought that I  would   never make it to graduation. I just never really thought it, so I just want to thank God for that. 

   Upon graduation, I really felt the struggles of getting a new job.  And just to take it back a little bit for the glory of God.  Last year I had to, no two years ago, I had to switch back from my previous school to the new school, and the Lord was telling to switch.  I was highly reluctant, I was hesitant, but I knew the Lord wanted me to switch.  I remember just throwing myself on the bed one night, just crying out to God asking ‘God what do I do’.  I don’t want to transfer school; I know I don’t want to leave the people that I know.  Just staying in the previous school I would have a better career opportunity.  I probably would have a better contact in getting the new job. I was very reluctant, however I remember just crying that night till two or three in the morning wondering God where are you now.  I just felt I was in bed reciprocated to, I was sick and tire. 

   But  that  night  I  had  a  dream,  a  vision  like dream I would say.  I saw a hand  coming  up  to me, and  on  that  hand,  just  how  it   would   be zooming    to   camera,   whatever.    I   saw   the inscription how it would be written on a rock.  It said, “Jesus  shuts  one  door  to  open  another door” (Rev 3:8).  That as soon as I saw  it  I  got up and started looking for it.  I knew  it  was  the will of God that I transfer school, and I did  with the guidance of the ministers,  I  transfer  school.  Upon the  transfer  I  wonder,  God!  You  know would I have,  would  I  get  the  opportunity  to work for the firm that I want to  work  for.  You know,  what do I do where do I go.   But  praise  be to God, God is faithful.  

   Right  upon  graduation   I   went  to  couple  of interviews,  miserably failed.   I  had  every  door shut on me.  I  know I use everything,  God  were is that open door.  But God is faithful, one thing I know I get really scared when I take interviews.   And there is one  particular  job  that  I  went  to, that I had to take the interview.  But I was highly nervous, scared, it was a big corporation.  I mean that was my dream job,  but  didn’t  really think I would get it in.  But one of  the  words  that  God gave me  was,  .... know  where it is,  I  know  the reference, but it said, What  time  I‘m  afraid,  I will trust in thee’ (Ps 56:3).  So I  said,  God  I’m going to trust you against all odds, against all  the possibilities that I may not  get  into  the  firm.   I believe in Abraham’s God  and  his  faithfulness.  And just right before Christmas,  I  got  the  good news that I was  hired.   Yes,  so  I’m  really,  I’m grateful and thankful  to  God  for  his  promises.  What he promise two years ago he kept it.

   ….Now… and that I just want to say….. thank you   for   all   your   prayers,  …..  specially  the ministers, thank you  each and every one of  you. I know you prayed for  me day and  night,  thank you.    I   want   to   thank  my  parents  for  their prayers,  and you siblings of course.  …..  Thank you all once again  and  pray  that  this  new  job, God would make me a testimony there. … Once again praise the Lord.

This dream is from a young adult sister from a local church.

Commentary by Nelson Cintron

   Dear brethren/participant, truly believing in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, you will not be put to shame.  He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shall thou trust….  (Ps 91:4).  ……..I will guide you with mine eyes (Ps 32:8). For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end (Jer 29:11).  These are the promises of God for those that believe in him. 

   Seeking his will concerning any matter is of upmost importance for a successful spiritual life.  Being patient as we wait for the promise will help us to glorify God at the end of the trial.  In this dream, the young sister declares she took steps after being counseled by the ministers.  This is very needful at all times, so they can help us find the right will of God (Prov 11:14).  At all times we must consult our ministers for they have the mind and the authority from God (Jas 5:14). 


   Another point mentioned by the dear sister. She was willing to trust God no matter what the outcome would be, even if the outcome was not according to her desires.  A statement like this from a child of God is very encouraging.  It is worthy writing it on stone and showing it to the world.  For God is seeking for a Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, who were not willing to bow down to a false god, no matter what the outcome would be.  Moses chose to suffer with his people no matter what the outcome would be, than enjoying the riches of Egypt.  Also Ruth was willing to follow Naomi to a strange land no matter what the outcome may be for her.  Yes, God is looking for heroes of faith (Heb 11) who are willing to stand on their God given convictions.  True, sometimes we may fail, but we must rise up again and fight.  We may lose a battle, but we must be determined to win the war.  The disciples also failed and went back fishing; until they were strengthen by the Lord.  We can also be strengthen as we look to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith (Heb 12:2). 

  Dear brethren/participant, we hope this dream may inspire you to trust in God no matter what the trial may be.  May God bless you as you stand and live by the faith of the son of God (Gal 2:20).

                                                           In the Lord

                                       Bro Nelson Cintron                                                         3/10/15


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