Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 



   He gave me a dream.  In the dream I saw a group  of people, they all dressed in white.  And, a person dressed in robes, white robes, came close to me smiling at me.


And, I was standing there with the crowd, and he took me apart, he took me to the side all the way alone.  And he told me his going to propose to me, and I said, no no no, I am already married I don’t want to propose.  I don’t want to get married again and he said, I am going to marry you.  


   And then he held my hand and he said, I am going to leave you and I am going to come back for you.  And he said again, I am going to come back for you, and I am going take you with me.  And that was the aspect that God gave to me, and just like we sang today, ‘When we all get together, what a joy that will be when we see our Jesus’. I have that precious stone that God has given me.  


   And time and time again, God has given me that assurance, that his coming back for us.  I like to read one, two verse from the Bible, 1st John chapter 3 verse 1,2,


  ‘Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God:  therefore, the world knoweth us not; because it knew him no (1J 3:1)


  'Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is’ (1J 3:2)


   I know I am going to be, his coming back for us again, and as he promised, I’ll be with him for ever and ever.  I thank you for giving me this opportunity.  


This dream belongs to a sister from a local church:


   Yes brethren, that’s the glorious hope of every believer the day when we see Jesus face to face  (Ti

2:13,   Hec 1:10,11).     We will bow down before him, and He will put our crown over our heads and lift us up to the highest honor for being faithful to his word (Rev 2:10, 1P 5:4).  We will reign with him for all eternity (Rev 22:5). There will be no sorrows and no pain or tears but eternal joy in the presence of God (Rev 7:17, 1:4).  This privilege is only to the faithful ones.  Those that keep his word in this world of darkness and evil (Isa 60:2).  For those that keep their garments white and are washed by his blood (Rev 7:14).  Yes and that day is very near (Ro 13:11), he that will come will come and come for his bride the church of Jesus Christ (Jn 14:2, 18:36), amen may God bless you.


In the Lord Bro 

Nelson Cintron 

Posted 5/06/23


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