Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 

PEACE AND SAFETY                                   (Isa 26:3, Ps 12:5)

.   As the enemies of God are on the march with vengeance against God and his people, and everyone who opposes their

blind philosophies, there is no safe place anywhere.  Yet there is a special place of refuge for all God’s children who may be looking for one (Ps 57:1).  In this place of refuge you will find peace and strength against the enemy.  As you abide in this place you will be victorious and the enemy will be defeated and placed under your feet. 

    There are all kinds of enemies that come against the church and upon all those who want to live in peace and righteously
(Ps 37:32).  There are spiritual enemies, and fleshly enemies that are driven by the power of darkness and war against us.  These are times and it may be the last time, in which we the Christians have to pass the trial of faith (1Pet 1:7).  We must put on the armor of God to stand against the enemy (Eph 6:11).

    As the armies of this world arm themselves for battle, likewise we also have to arm ourselves.  There may be a call for some to join the nation’s arm forces to do physical battle, but for us Christians we must remember that our battle is not carnal
(Eph 6:12).  For this reason we must put on the armor of God.

     Dear participant, the thought of dying earlier is becoming more real for people all over the world these days.  There is a chance the Lord may call you home early.  Death may also surprise you at any given moment, you may be rich or poor
(Lk 12:20).  You may die crossing a busy street, or driving in your car. You may have a terminal illness; you can be shot accidentally by a stray bullet, being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Especially in these times you can lose your life by a Islamic extremist terrorist attack, which are becoming more frequent.  Fear is one great weapon the enemy uses against us.  Thanks be to Jesus who tasted death for us to deliver us from the bondage of fear and death (Heb 2:14,15).

    Jesus reminded us,
“And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell” (Mt 10:28).

      The greatest weapon against fear is the love of God,
for God's perfect love casteth out fear (1Jn 4:18) Fear came upon St. Peter outside of the palace, when he realized death was knocking at his door (Mt 26:69-75).  Jesus knew the disciples had to grow in the love of God to be able to face such a trial (1Jn 4:18). The love of God will give anybody the strength to go through any dangers even at the expense of losing his or hers own life (Rom 5:5).  When the love of God is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, we than can have the strenght to go through trials and to stand for Jesus (Acts 6:8,10, 7:59).  To fill us with his love is another reason why God baptizes us with the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:4).             

      In these perilous times, there is a place of refuge for anyone who is looking for safety. The Psalmist says,
“…….hide me under the shadow of thy wings”…. (Ps 17:8,9).  And “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (Ps 91:1,2).  In this place of refuge we will find peace and safety against the enemy.  As we abide in this place, he will fill us with his love and we will be victorious over the fears of death and stand for Jesus, perhaps we may lose our lives but we will not lose our faith, and the enemy will be defeated and placed under our feet. 

      This place of refuge,
the shadow of his wings and the shadow of the Almighty, is the place where we need to run to.  God’s shadow will be over us and we will be able to fill his presence.  But how can we get there, the Psalmist gives us the answer.  We can reach this place and hide under his shadow by going to the secret place of the Almighty.  This secret place is that place of prayer, your prayer room, or any solitary place where you and God can be alone; spending time with God and listening to his voice or guidance of his Spirit. In this prayer room we must spend a lot of time.  King David’s prayer room at times was a cave, when he was running from his enemies (1Sam 22:1). There he spend a lot of time in God’s presence asking deliverance from his enemies. When we finally come out of our secret place and from under his shadow, we will be filled with his love and have strength and boldness to face the day, and whatever perils it may bring.

Dear participant in these times we live in, prayer is the need of the hour.

May God bless all my brothers and sisters in the Lord.

If you are one who have not yet accepted Jesus as your savior, do so now and be under his covering. He will save you and prepare you for his soon coming.

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                                                            In the Lord    
                                          Bro Nelson Cintron                                               


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