Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 


Rev 3:15, 16


    A few weeks after I had written the article titled, Son of Man Sees Thou What They Do, early one morning, I had this dream.  I saw in the dream three different scenes that seem to be related to each other.  In the first scene I saw myself much younger.  I was walking on this snow cover mountain with a group of believers and a few servants of God.  As we walked on this mountain we saw further up a cave.  As we looked, from within something was drawing our attention.  We went to see what was inside.  The cave also had snow and ice.  Standing at the mouth of the cave, we saw about forty feet away, a statue like figure half buried in the snow.  To our amazement, she looked like the Statue of Liberty in human size form, with the crown on her head.  She was cover with ice and snow.  Some of us were going to stand her up, but right away we were told by a servant of God not to touch her.  It seemed that they themselves wanted to take her out of there. Surprisingly this part of the dream ended right there.



   On this same dream a second scene appeared. We were gathered in a very large church in the meeting hall, getting ready to worship the Lord.  The front of the hall, we saw a woman singing.  She was singing holy songs.  When I saw her, I was somewhat confused.  The way she was dressing was very seducing.  She was arrayed with gold jewels and makeup on her face, along with a wild hair style.  She had a very short dress, made out of a very soft silky material. It was tight to her body and very short.  She finished the song and started leaving in a hurry.  As she hurries out, we stopped her and ask her why she was singing these holy songs.  We felt she had no right to sing these holy songs, for the way she was dressed.  She said, the song was giving to her to sing, and rushed out the hall. As we stood there watching her leave the dream ended.


   Immediately after that second scene, the third scene appeared before my eyes.  This third scene was very confusing.  In that same meeting hall, on the front and left side of the hall, I saw the same statue from the first scene standing there covered with ice and snow.  The church was almost full and was getting ready to sing.  The sitting arrangement of the hall was half oval shape.  I was standing on the right side of the hall, next to a servant of God.  To my surprise this same servant was doing something odd.  In her hands was a handful of glass marbles.  She threw the marbles across the floor where other servants of God were standing.  I heard some of these servants say the following, “We know what this means”, after saying this, they walked to the floor were the marbles lay and picked them up.  Those servants that picked up the marbles, walked across to where the one who threw them and united with her.  At this time everyone started to sing, and as they started singing they faced the statue.  As they sang the statue started to melt. For some reason she could not melt totally but only her face.  As the snow and ice melted from her head, we were able to see her crown and face.  Her face was heavily painted with makeup, eyelashes, eyebrows, lips and cheeks.  I could see from the expression on her face, she desired for the rest of the snow and ice to melt away from her body, so she could be free totally.  For some reason she could not melt totally.  Those servants who picked up the marbles sang to her, as if by their singing were trying to melt the rest of her, but could not.  At this point the dream ended.


This is one of my dreams:


The interpretation of the dream and the three scenes:

                                                                                    I prayed over this dream and came to a conclusion.  The three scenes are related to each other.  This dream reveals two major problems in the Christian Church  worldliness and division.  They reveal the great divide that started from creation (Gen 4: 8) between Cain and Abel.  The separation between the sons of men and the sons of God (Gen 6:1,2).  God commanded a separation between Isaac and Ishmael; he told Abraham he would establish his covenant with Isaac his son.  All the land of Canaan was to go Isaac and his seed (Gen 17:7,8,21). Ishmael was to be sent away with gifts.  At Mount Sinai up till this day (Exo 32:26).  The separation that exist between the Church and the secular world, spiritual from the carnal, they that have vision and they that lack vision (Pro 29:18). From Eden to Sinai to every part of the old world, till it reach the new world.  Once upon a time, the Christian church in America was more God fearing.  In these modern times it has open the doors to a false Christ and a false gospel that is contrary to the Bible.  All the major denominations have opened the doors to the secular world. This story repeats itself again, the great divide that exist between the two groups, the church and the secular world.  In Jesus days, the whole world ran after him (Jn 12:19).  In these days most of the church is running after the world.


The First Scene

   The Mountain refers to the church.  The statue of liberty in human size form signifies the Christian church in America.  Snow and ice on her, means for the most part, the Christian church in America is spiritually cold and dyeing, the major denominations have giving room to the secular world, causing division within its believers. Throughout the church history most of them had divisions within.  Heathen practices have entered the American churches.  As God opens the eyes of many, they leave the church and join other groups.  Secularism and a new Christ and a new gospel is dominant in the American church  (Mat 24:24).  There are some small groups that are holding on to the old path (Isa 2:3,Jer 6:16), yet they are having a continues struggle to keep the floods of heathen practices outside of their walls.


The Second Scene

    The seducing half naked woman singing in the church, is the spirit of the world, a harlot spirit seducing the people of God.  When she said, “the song was giving to her”, means she was invited there by some believer or servant of God.  Within the church, are some believers and ministers who are not fully converted, they are ready at any moments time to introduce worldliness into the church (2 Tim 4:10).  These are still looking back towards Egypt, and are ready to take some with them and cause a division within the church.  The spirit of the world is a harlot spirit, Jezebel (2Ki 9:30), and the Mother of Harlots (Rev 17:5) are related to each other.  The word of God reveals they both are worldly and have in their hands the blood of the saints.  The spirit within them is a seducing spirit that causes the church to sin and go back to the world, or have the world inside the church.


The Third Scene

    In the dream, the second scene disappeared and this third scene appeared before my eyes.  In that same meeting hall, towards the front and left side of the hall appears the same frozen statue of liberty with the crown on her head standing there, the meaning of this is the following.  The statue of liberty in the church is a representation of the Christian church in America.  Although is a symbol of liberty for the secular world, it’s not so for the true church of God.  As the snow and ice melted from her face, we see the painting all over her face and the ornaments on her ears.  This is worldliness inside the Christian Church of America.  This liberty or freedom in the American Christian Church, to do with your body whatever you want, is not according to the Word of God, but a freedom and separation from the Lord himself.  There is a deceiving spirit that creeps into the American churches. Many within the church want to be like the secular world. They want to live in both world at the same time, that’s why the Lord says “come out from among them ”(2Cor 6:17).  Even believers who come from other countries fall into the same snare; they want to do the same.  Israel of old wanted also to be like the heathen nations.  They ask Samuel for a king (1Sam 8:7).


    In this part of the third scene, the servant of God throwing a handful of crystal marbles across the floor means the following, the crystal marbles are signals or invitations.  There are many servants of God that are unhappy with the old path (Jer 6:16), or with the hard sayings of Jesus (Jn 6:60).  Satan uses these workers to divide the Church of God.  Crystal is fragile and easily breakable.  These invitations to form a new union or a new church, at the end will break themselves like shatter glass to form many groups that are gone astray from the will of God, which is a picture of the Christian Church in America.  All these will be judge by God himself at the end (Heb 9:27), like the seven churches in the Book of Revelation (Rev 1:20,2:1-29,3:1-22).


    The servants / workers on the other side of the sanctuary, picking up the crystal marbles and saying, ‘we know what this means’, and joining the other one on the opposite side is the following.  There are servants of God/workers within the church of God that are double minded.  These are looking for way out, they put the hand on the plow and now they are looking back (Lk 9:62).  Faith life, illness, temptation, obedience, unity, meekness, overcoming life and much more, are a challenge for them, which many are not able to bear because they haven’t embrace the cross fully.  They have not denied themselves to follow the Master wherever he goes (Mat 16:24).  Satan knows who they are; he is ready to send the invitations or signals to them (the crystal marbles).  Satan used St. Peter to discourage Jesus to go to the cross and finish his mission (Mat16:22,23).  Like St. Peter who did not know he was being used of Satan, just the same, there are workers and believers that are being used by him without their knowledge.  In the dream these servants of God join together, they face the statue and start singing.  There is a desire of many in the church of Christ to be like the American church.  They do not want to submit to apostolic doctrines (Acts 2:42), and are double minded (Jas 1:8). Most churches in America are worshiping and singing Christian songs, but in reality they are worshiping and singing to a false Christ.  This modern Christ is not the one from the bible.  The Lord said about Israel, “They call upon my name but their hearts are far from me (Isa 29:13).


    Dear people of God, worldliness and divisions walk closely together.  As ministers give more room to worldliness in their churches, a division is coming.  It may take a while but it will come.  If this does not happen, what will surely happen, worldliness and secularism will rule in the church.  Thanks to God for his mercies and faithfulness that he will not allowed his church to disappear.  He told the prophet Elijah, “I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal” (1Ki 19:18).  Even so in this present time there is a remnant according to the election of grace (Rom 11:5), that will not bow down to the things of this world (Baal compare to sin and the secular world).  Jesus told Peter, “I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it“ (Mat 16:18).  There is a small flock that is not bowing down to the things of this world, and are separating themselves to the Lord for that day (Jn 14:2,3).


   Dear brethren, the believers I saw in the dream are only symbolic to the dream.  The interpretation of the dream is what’s really important, which is worldliness and division. This issues is what we all should be praying against, that the people of God may understand what it means when the Lord says, “Come out from among them” (2Cor 6:17), and “Ye are a peculiar people” (1Pet 2;9).  If you are struggling with worldliness, and as a result you are contemplating leaving the church.  You are looking to join another group that doesn’t have the hard sayings of Jesus (Jn 6:60, 66).  I kindly suggest to you to take it to prayer, Jesus can reveal to you his perfect will.  The rapture is about to take place, he is coming for you. Forsake those things that take you away from him, on that day you will not regret it.


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Thank you for your participation, and may God Bless You.


                                 In the Lord

                                 Bro. Nelson Cintron                                                                      08/22/14


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