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Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 


  The Gag order is a legal practice used  by the courts,  governments businesses, and  churches.   Some of  these  institutions   may  place a   Gag   order   without   a   legal mandate.   This  practice  restricts

information and any comments made out to the public.   Another way to define this term is to silence, the intended person or group of people.  Some may use this practice for good and others for bad.  Gag-order vigilantes’ claim the Gag order goes against the Free Speech Act.    



   Different governments use this practice to maintain in secret high confidential operations within the government. It is also used to keep high tech secret information and military operations of the armed forces from the enemy. Some evil governments use the Gag order to silence opposition parties by legalizing the order.  The improper use of this order can result in the closing down of news media outlets and confiscation of hardware and printing machinery. Anyone that breaks the rule would be penalized or incarcerated or face execution.  In the sixties Martin Luther King Jr fought against this practice of gagging, when many from both sides of our government were trying to silence him from speaking out about slavery.  Some extreme and evil governments like Communism, Fascism, Imperialism and most Islamic countries have used the practice (Gagging) to suppress dissent so as to maintain their control.  These blinded by their intolerance and hunger for power, suppress any opposition, even if the opposition has a righteous cause.  In America in recent years there have been great efforts by the government to Gag (silence) the Christian Church from preaching, and witnessing in many areas.  They have put road blocks on the church, like permits for reach outs, prohibiting the preaching on certain sins, labeling them as hateful speech and many other attempts to silence the church.  In the U.S. we see the Democratic Party and some in the Republican Party working behind the scenes to gag (silence) those they do not agree with.       



   This practice has been used throughout history.  Evil rulers like Ahab and Jezebel tried to silence the messenger of God from bringing the word of the Lord (1Kgs 19:2).  John the Baptist was silence for pointing out the sins of King Herod (Mt 14:10)  .In the days of the American colonies, England placed gag orders on the Patriots.  They went out destroying printing shops, jailing journalists, and executing the freedom fighters.  



   The Gag orders has been used by nations like Russia, China, Australia, India, Israel, Malaysia, North Korea, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, United States in Guantanamo Bay, Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico, the strict unconstitutional Gag order of the Democratic Party in the island led to the death of nationalist protesters on a peaceful protest in the city of Lares.  



   The Pharisees a great religious institution used to silence (Gagging) and punish those they opposed (Mt 27:18, 22, 23) (Acts 4:17, 18) (Acts 5:40).  In these days, there are also religious institutions that place Gag orders (silence) on preachers not to preach on certain sins.  The government is also gagging the churches from speaking against them, as a result churches are afraid of persecution from the government.        



   The Democratic Party and some in the Republican Party are trying to come up with laws to Gag news personalities from speaking against them, same time they are trying to do away with the Freedom of Speech Act Amendment, while in many cases they classify truth as hateful speech, beware.    



   Yes in the homes, parents Gag (silence) their children in many different ways.  Mothers say to their children, ‘Don’t say this or that’, to the father, to keep the child from getting a harsh discipline. Some parents gag their children when they go to school, to prevent them from speaking of child abuses at home. Gagging in some cases is justifiable when is for the right cause.



   The Gag order is most commonly used in two areas that have great effect on our lives, these are politics and religion. Because these two affects our daily lives greatly, these are the ones Satan wants to silence (Gag) and control.  In the area of politics, Satan wants to keep society in the dark to enslave the masses. Because of confrontation and heated arguments people does not want to engage in a political discussion.  Politics controls government and this is why proper dialogue must take place everywhere in this country.  Especially during the times of elections, sincere and orderly discussions must be done at this time. Maybe you can help someone from making a terrible mistake. It may likely be you that someone, or someone in your household that’s making that terrible mistake. Especially when thousands of babies are being slaughter at abortion clinics, and the government is aiding in the slaughter, and others are looking the other way. It’s written in the holy book, ‘There is a time for every purpose under the heavens’ (Eccl 3:1-8).  There is a time to speak about this and there is a time to speak about that.  Let no one discourage you from engaging in a important conversation like politics.  Remember, how you or your household votes, and you should be voting, will be a factor how you will be judged on Judgment Day. Where you will be in eternity should be an interest to you, and your spiritual teacher or pastor.  In the land of freedom and democracy we can no longer pass that obligation to vote on someone else.  The founders of this nation pay with their lives to keep this nation free. In a democratic free country, that responsibility to vote is giving to us.



   Christians for years have been discouraged to be involved in the affairs of government.  This idea of none involvement does not come from above.  God raises up man and women for this purpose to be involved in the governments of this world. There are many examples in the Bible that supports this truth.  From Moses, Joseph, Daniel, all these served God in the government of heathen kingdoms, and mind you there was a lot of politics even at that time. When Israel was astray following paganism, God raised up prophets and men like David, Hezekiah, Josiah, women like Deborah to bring back Israel from its’ backslidden state (Judg 4:1-24). Dear brethren perhaps your son or daughter has a call from God to serve in a high government office in this world, especially at this time when Christianity is being attack by the government, and thousands of Christians are being slaughter throughout the world.  Let no one discourage you from talking,  or your child from pursuing a career in politics.  In some of the darkest place of society God can send a light.  Although we are to engage in an orderly civil discussion on politics when the time calls for it, politics should not be the main subject of conversation in our daily lives, but rather faith and God should be the dominant one.                         



   When discussing any subject, especially politics, do your homework and be prepare to support your argument.  Do research; gather photos and audios of speeches made by public figures,  look up their voting history. This will help better to explain why you are for or against a public figure.  Wait your turn and don’t talk over each other, make it a pleasant experience, don’t lose the opportunity to contend for the truth.  Discern the level of resistance in the conversation and know when to stop.  There have been thousands of people who have changed their political views by a conversation.  May God bless you. 


                  In the Lord

                  Bro Nelson Cintron  




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