Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 

       Mount   Zion
The  Brightest  Pearl

        Rev 14:1-5


  Some years ago, I was meditating about the controversy of Mt. Zion.  The Bible reveals two Mt. Zion.  A fortress in Jerusalem centuries ago, and a heavenly Mt. Zion an exclusive place just above New Jerusalem within God’s Kingdom (Rev 21:2, 14:1-5), better known as God’s dwelling place (Joel 3:17).  

   Both of these places have being a controversy  (Isa 34:8)  even  before creation (Isa 14:12-16) .  King David of Israel had a revelation of this mountain fortress.  He then decided to conquer it (2Sam 5:7), long time after God had given this land to the Israelites by inheritance.  This controversy still exists in modern times.  Earthly and Heavenly Zion are still being fought for by angels, demons and men.  The earthly Zion is still being fought by sinful men whose intentions are out of the will of God.  The heavenly Mt. Zion is also being fought by angels and demons.  The demons try to keep men from reaching this high place in heaven, and God’s angels fight that men may reach this special place.  For God, Zion is no controversy, or a battle, for God reigns in Zion (Ps 9:11, Joel 3:16-17).  The battle is with God’s enemies, who are trying to keep those who are called from entering this glorious place.

   In this revelation I’ll refer to earthly Zion as Jerusalem, and heavenly Zion as Mt. Zion (Rev 14:1-5), also known in many churches as the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2). Many denominations have different teachings about Jerusalem and Mt. Zion, standing firm on their individual Biblical doctrines. The most common teaching is, these two places are one in eternity.  When you take a good look at the scriptures, you will see Mt. Zion just above New Jerusalem in eternity.  This Mt. Zion is a place for disciples who have forsaken their all to follow the Lord Jesus (Mat 19:27-28, Rev14:1-5).  Those who are called to this exclusive place in heavens, receive a special gift or grace to be able to do this type of ministry for Jesus (Mat 19:12).  This calling, is the calling for the perfect ministry in the service to Jesus.  To forsake everything and live by faith in the service of our Lord (Mat 19:16-21).  Their reward is to reign with Jesus in Mt. Zion in the highest of heaven (Rev 14:1-5), which is God’s dwelling place (Ps 9:11).  Here on earth, the nations of the world are being pulled into this great controversy, as they try to decide the destiny of the earthly Jerusalem.  Little do they realize that, the destiny of Jerusalem has already been decided by the God of Heaven (Isa 2:1-4, 28:16).  As I mentioned before, the Bible, which is the only word of God, reveals two Zion.  An earthly Jerusalem (Zion) and a heavenly Mt. Zion.  The purpose of this writing is not to go into a deep study of this place called Mt. Zion, and the sanctification of those who are going to this heavenly place. It will take many books to speak on this topic.  But to share with the reader a dream and revelation I received about this holy place, the heavenly Mt. Zion.


   Some years ago the Mt. Zion controversy led me to a spiritual journey. Mt. Zion is known throughout most Christian denominations.  According to their Biblical revelation they speak on it.  Many servants of God, have given their life service for this revelation of the heavenly Mt. Zion, according to (Rev 14;1-5).  They believe Mt. Zion will be their dwelling place in eternity within God’s Kingdom. I have seen many ministers faithfully go forward in this calling.  And yet I have also seen others fall, and give up there consecration to this great a high calling (Luk 9:62).  Leaving their first love they once had for the Lord (1 Tim 5:12), this verse also applies to their heart condition.   As I watch them fall, I could not help but to be grieved within, for many of these Mt. Zion soldiers are very dear to our hearts.  For some time I was very troubled, instead of wasting precious time, energy and much doubting, I started praying and asking God about the heavenly Mt. Zion.  In about three months time he gave me three small revelations of  Mt. Zion, that made my heart jump full of joy.


First Revelation                                                                          One day after evening prayers, I went to sleep and had this dream.  I saw believers in a church, they were singing songs of Mt. Zion, but there was something different in their singing.  Mt.Zion came alive in that sanctuary, they believed this place to be real and their joy was inexplicable.  For they were participating of the spiritual blessings that flow out of Mt. Zion (Ps 128:5).  As I watch them sing, I sensed a power generating in that place.  This power came as a result of their unity and belief in the revelation.  Although most of them were not Mt. Zion candidates, they were one with the revelation. Then I realized that  they that sing the songs of Zion must believe it in their hearts.  For in heaven, New Jerusalem and Mt. Zion are united.  For it is written, the law comes out of Zion and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem (Micah 4:2). God makes clear in this verse there is two distinct places, yet there are very close.  Together they are called The Kingdom of God.  For days I felt joy over this dream, for the revelations of God fills the inner man with great joy when he receives them. I kept talking to God and praying.  A few days later, the second revelation came while I was driving.


Second Revelation

    This exclusive place for ministers, who consecrated their all, and follow Jesus wherever he leads them (Rev 14:1-5), can only be reveal to the heart of men by God.  This calling cannot be received by just going to Bible schools or being prayed for.  Some revelations are not given to some men for the following reasons.  Unsanctified nature, no calling, or simply unbelief. These reasons will cause men not to search for Biblical truth, or seek through prayer the answer.  Jesus gave this calling to his twelve Apostle (Mat 19:27-29).  St Paul also received this calling (1Cor 7:7).  Throughout history men have received, and will continue to receive, this high calling. Most men will tend to dispute a revelation for lack of understanding (2Tim 3:7). St. Peter spoke about these types of men (1Pet 3:15-16).  Doctrines or revelations are like precious jewels, pearls or diamonds, you must be determined to find them, and go to were ever they would be found.  Revelations have to be searched carefully in the Bible.  The Holy Spirit will open our eyes to see them.  You can also receive them by intensive prayer to the all mighty God.  That same day, while driving the third revelation came.


Third Revelation

   This third revelation was very fascinating, it came in this manner.  The revelation of Mt. Zion is that one brightest pearls in the jewel box.  When looking inside the box, you will see that one pearl shine more than the other ones.  That one brightest pearl is the Mt. Zion pearl.  That pearl or teaching will shine out from the Bible, if you are sincerely looking for it.  God will open your spiritual eyes to see it (Ps 146:8, Job 32:8).  Jesus, in a way, spoke about this Pearl of Great value (Mat 13:45,46) The merchant sold all that he had to buy that precious pearl.  Likewise,  those who are called to dwell in Mt. Zion, are called to forsake all they have here in this world to follow and serve the Lord (Lk 14:26,33).  This high calling to them becomes that pearl of great value.  They voluntarily choose to give up their natural desires and be like eunuchs here on earth to rule with Jesus in Mt. Zion on the highest of heavens (Rev 14:1-5).  There is a special grace or gift that comes with this calling (Mt. 19:12).


Wrestling against powers and principality and spiritual wickedness in high places (Eph 6:12).


   Dear believer/reader, that old serpent is still trying to keep men from receiving God’s blessing and promises and from reaching his highest.  The serpent in the garden got in the way of Adam and Eve (Gen 3:1).  Today also he tries to stop men from doing God’s will.  He gets in the way of those who have such a calling.  They that are call to consecrate their lives and stay single for the work of the Lord.  Some entire denominations are evil spoken off, by men who lack spiritual understanding (2Pet 3:15-16).  Men of no vision and revelation.  Behind these men are powers, principalities and evil spirits in high places working to cast down those who are chosen for this service.  Although some of these men do it out of ignorant religious zeal, God can still deliver them and grant them salvation.  St Paul was a persecutor but received mercy (1Tim 1:13).  Finally Paul himself received the called to Mt. Zion, and remained single to do the work of God. Likewise today, there are single men who are called to do the work of the all mighty God.  Behind the scenes are demons trying to stop men of this high calling to do the work of God. Dear reader, you might be one of these men, who are call to respond to this high calling here on earth.  And after that, dwell in the highest of heavens, on Mt. Zion in the City of God, in the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:1-3, 14:1-5 ).


My meat is to the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work (Jn 4:34)

   Brethren/participant, this calling is not a bondage, but rather a delight (Ps 40:8), and a reward.  These ministers can choose a different path and be married if they so desire (1Cor 9:5). But if they do, they will lose their place in Mt. Zion Most likely St Paul stayed single for this same reason.  Dear brother perhaps you may be called for this service.  It's possible that God has been waiting for you to answer his call and to labor here on earth, and after that, to reign with him in Mt. Zion in the highest of heavens (Rev 14:1-5).


Understandest thou what thou readest?

( Acts 8:30 )


   Dear participants, maybe you are reading this article and do not understand it, because you have not been born again.  The glories of heavens and spiritual things are very complex to the natural mind, and cannot understand them because they are spiritual.  The Bible says spiritual things are discerned by the Holy Ghost that dwells in us.  The Holy Ghost is given to us after we are born again (Jn 3:3, Eph 1:13), as we ask God for his guidance.  This same Spirit of God, He wants to put in you, if you can believe in Him (Lk 11:13).  That you may understand for what purpose he is calling you for (Phil 2:7-14).


Behold now is the day of salvation:

   Dear reader, if you do not know the Lord, and have not been born again.  Today you can be saved and be born again (Jn 3:3). Do a sincere sinners prayer.      Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ

(Jn 3:16-18).  Ask Him to wash you with His blood and confess your sins to God (1Jn 1:7-9).  And tell Him that from now on, you want Him to direct your every step (Ps 37:23, 119:133).  Ask Him to help you fulfill his commandment in the waters of baptism (Acts 2:38).  So that you may be ready for his soon coming.


If you need help and prayer in this important step, go to Contact Page on our website and let us know your needs.


In The Lord

Bro. Nelson Cintron                                                                   Posted  01/24/14 


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