Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 

          COVID - 19


   Dear brethren, since the outbreak of the coronavirus back in February 2020 here in the USA, there has been thousands of death from those that had contacted positive with the virus.  As of this day its expected more thousands will most likely die from this pandemic.  We the church have an important part to play that can change the course of events for many.  We can stand in the gap with our kneeds bented and pray for God’s mercies upon the people especially the church.  We can also pray for China the country of origin where this virus came from.  


   Please pray that God’s childrens be kept from this present pandemic COVID-19 virus.  That we may all be careful to follow the safety guidelines set forth by our government officials, which will help us in this difficult time we are going through.  God has allowed us to go through this pandemic together with the secular world for a reason.  We must spend time in prayer and listening to God’s voice at this critical times.  Before the Rapture of the church, the Lord will try our faith (1Pet 1:7) and then right after the world will enter the Great Tribulation period.  As the church gets ready for departure, the Lord should find us full of faith (Heb 10:22, 23) waiting patiently (Heb 12:1, Rev 3:10) for his second coming.  These could be the beginning of sorrows Jesus and the disciples talked about before we enter the Kingdom of God      (Mk 13:8, Acts 14:22). 


   As we pass through this pandemic, we should be in an attitude of reverence and holy fear wating for the salvation of the Lord (Heb 12:28).  For the most part we should be humbly inside our homes as the plague passes by.  We should not be about unnecessarily risking ourselves, but at home crying out for the lost souls who do not know the Lord.   


  Remembering the Passover of the Jews (Exo 12:11, 13).  As instructed by the Lord, they were to stay inside their homes and eat the lamb quietly and humbly while  the destroyer passed by.  If anyone of them walked out of the house, they would have suffered the same judgment as the Egyptians.  We children of God must be careful to observe the guidelines set forth by the authorities (Rom 13:1), for this is the right thing to do (Jas 4:17).   


Let us all unite in prayer at our homes for the following.

.  Safety of God's children (Acts 12:5, Eph 6:18).                                .  The church ministery (Co l4:3)

.  Healing for those who contacted  the virus (Eph 5:16).               

.  Pray God would send healig and comfort to those who                  have lost loved ones in their family.                                 .  That men everywhere may repent (Acts 17:30).                        

.  That men may come to the lord for salvation (Jn 3:16).        

.  That God would heal the land (2Chro 7:14)

.  For those who are in authority (1Tim 2:1-3).    

.   Businesses to open as soon as possible (Mal 3:10).                 .   Our ears opened to hear the voice of our shepperd, for

    there will be foreign voices out there to trap us (Jn 10:4,5) .     


   We must also be witnesses for the Lord to this dying world; and as much as possible reminding the lost souls that as the second coming of Jesus draw nigh, there will be an increase of these events such as the world never seen before, and that millions will perish without salvation loosing their souls in the eternal fire.  We must let them know that God provided a way of escape, for he said whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved (Acts 2:21).  As they call upon the Lord they should obey the Lord in the waters of baptism for the remission of their sins to enter glory.  May God bless you, and stay firm till the end.


   Maranatha Lord jesus we welcome your appearing      In.the.Lord                                       Bro.NelsonCntron                                                           4/2/20                    


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