Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 



   It took me a while to write about this vision I  had over five years ago.  I didn’t understand it back then, but now I feel I got some meaning over it. 


   Late at night I saw this.

It was a cloudy day.  I looked out to the field and towards the far end of the field I saw a single tree.  The tree was in full bloom, big and tall.  It was cloudy and it was the only tree in sight.


   Suddenly in the distance I saw a mighty storm like a hurricane moving towards the tree, with winds blowing everything on its path. The storm for many hours kept battering the tree with all its might, plucking off every leaf and bending it down like it does with palm trees.  I thought for surely the force of the wind was going to pluck out the tree with its roots from the ground. 


   The tree struggled to survive from the power of the wind, until finally the winds subsided.  Then my eyes could see the tree started to stand straight till it was fully upright.  After the tree was upright, the vision faded away and I woked up.  I did not spoke about this vision to no one, and for many years I meditated on it. 

Recently thoughts of this vision came back to me and the will to write about it     


Although the tree survived the mighty storm, it was left barren, without leaves or beauty, like a bare tree in the winter months.  Although the tree was left without beauty and barren, there was hope for him.  Soon the tree will blossom and become that beautiful tree it was before the storm. 

   The reason why it will blossom and become that beautiful strong tree it was before the storm is because of its roots.  Its roots are strong and go down deep into the ground.  Once again, he will be a blessing for those that come near him for shade and serve his purpose for what he was created.


   This vision spoke of my own life.  Not too long after I had the vision, things started to happen in my life. Things I had difficult time to control, and spiritual battles.  My spiritual life started to go under.  Many blessings in my life were fleeing away, problems in the home increased, and gifts of the Spirit where stagnant, I felt like a drowning man.


.  Nevertheless I kept fighting cause I knew Jesus was with me.  Finally those dark clouds pass by and my clear day came, thank you Jesus!!  


Dear participant this vision is one of my own vision I had: 


   This vision is true and the events that followed are also true.  Perhaps you also may be going through a storm in your life.  You may be going through some kind of problem that comes like a storm in your life, with no end in sight that’s tarring you apart.  Don’t give up, Jesus is with you.  He will be with you until the dark clouds go away.  Trust in his word and promises, they are like long strong roots in your heart.  The storms will not move you because you rooted and grounded in his word.  May God bless you.


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In in the Lord   

Bro Nelson Cintron 



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