Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 

Holes on the Wall

(Heb  3:6)


   A few months ago I delivered freight to a particular company.  While waiting for the freight to be unloaded, I felt a great need to pray.  It was like I could not continue working unless I stop and pray.  I yielded to that feeling and got on my knees to pray.  I started praying and weeping for the salvation of my children.  I thought the Holy Spirit wanted me to do that at that moment.  When I ended praying for my children, the lord brought to my attention a vision I had about ten years ago.  This was unusual because the vision was not related to anything I was praying for.  I believe that urge to pray was more about this vision.  While I meditated on the vision, I felt the Lord wanted me to speak about it and its interpretation.

   I had gone to one of our revival meetings in one of the Caribbean Island.  At that time the church was going through difficult times.  There was many backslidings, believers and ministers were living the church.  In the revival I was blessed to be accommodated at the faith home with the workers.  Next day I got up early to pray the morning prayer with the ministers.  As we were praying and getting fill with the power of God (H.S.), all of a sudden I fell into a trance, I was seeing a vision, although I was able to hear everyone praying there. 

  Right before my eyes appear like a tropical landscape of a wooden house, like the wooden houses and tin roof made in the old days in the islands.  The house looked deteriorated with holes and cracks on the sides.  I saw a man medium height and weight dressed in black outside of the house.  He was looking thru the holes and cracks of the house.  He kept going around the house looking thru the holes as if he was looking for something.  I was able to see his facial expression, and he looked very evil, desperate and determined.  This he kept doing for a long time, and then the vision ended.

   When I came out of the trance and vision, the workers were still praying and I continue praying with them.  At the end of the prayer I felt a need to tell the workers what I have seeing.  The workers told me to share the vision, and one of them said it was from the Lord and gave the interpretation.  The worker said the house represents our faith.  The man in black is the enemy or Satan.  He is looking into our faith; he is desperate looking into our faith to see our weaknesses, to make us fall.


This is one of my visions, bro. Nelson Cintron

The following commentary by bro Nelson Cintron:

   Dear brethren and participant, in many places in the Bible faith and house are synonym to each other.  In the spiritual realm, there is no literal building being built. The work that is being done is really on our faith throughout the grace period. Both of these faith and house require they have a strong and solid foundation.  In Mathew 7:24 we see house and faith come together as one.  Building your house on the rocks really means building your faith on that solid rock Jesus, the revelation that he is the Son of the living God (Mat 16:18).  So our house or faith is being built on a solid foundation, that of the apostles and prophets with Jesus being the corner stone (Eph 2:20)

   Now when the floods and storms come our way, meaning the trials of life come our way.  If we are standing in the faith of the Son of God we will not be swept away.  Satan is looking for that opportunity to touch our lives and cause us to sin before God, like in the case of Job he could not find any fault in him (Job 1:8-11).  When Israel was walking in obedience to God in the wilderness, Balaam like Satan was looking to see how he could curse them but was not able to do it because they were blessed by God (Num 22).  Then later the children of Israel went after  things rather than God, even after strange Gods neglecting the word of God, the book of the law. Many years had passed before they found it, gathering dust (1Kgs 22,23). When the Book was restored to its rightful place, it brought a revival to their lives. Likewise us, is our book (Bible) on the shelve gathering dust.

   Sin can cause our house to decade, like leprosy it can contaminate our house (faith) and then it will have to be demolish (Lev 14:45) and rebuilt again.  If a house (faith) is divided against itself, that house (faith) cannot stand (Mk 3:25).  Sometimes our hearts are divided, one foot in the Church and the other one in the world; slowly our house (faith) starts to break down.  Cracks and holes start to appear, roof and windows start falling. Have we neglected our spiritual house (faith) for the cares of this world, are there other priorities in our lives?  Are there weak areas in our lives that we cannot overcome? We can strengthen these areas by the daily reading of the scriptures, prayer and fasting, and our spiritual house will be renewed.  God wants to renew us, he wants to come in. He says, “Lift up your heads, O ye gates: and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors: and the King of glory shall come in (Ps 24:7). Yes, that work he started he is able to complete it. Our faith will shine once again, our house will be renew, and the Lord will dwell in us once again (2Cor 6:16).

   Dear participant perhaps you are struggling, it can be  anything,  and  your  spiritual house is in decade and you about to give up,  remember the Lord  is  the potter  and  you  are  the  clay  (Jer 18:3-6).  He  loves  you  and  has  a purpose for your life.   Let him  break you and make you so you may shine for him, and be ready at his coming.


I hope you been blessed by this vision, if you need prayer see our contact page and give us your request.  We’ll be happy to pray for you.


If you never been saved, or received Jesus Christ as your personal savior.  Reach us by e-mail and we will guide you in this important step, may God bless you.


                                                                             In  the  Lord
                                   BroNelson  Cintron                                                     04/19/2015


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