Message To My People ~ The Prophets Do Speak
Message To My People ~          The Prophets Do Speak 


   Praise the lord, aa, I just want to, I know my mom came last week and thank everybody for your support for everything that happen with my family, my father’s passing.  I just wanted to irradiate that, hmm, thank you everybody with everything all the calls, and the, just the prayers. For the past nine years, past six month.  Hmm, somebody said that a miracle happened in my dad’s funeral I talk for ten, fifteen minutes I didn’t cry so, aa, but no I really just grateful and I know a lot of you helped us and pray for us, how much you loved my dad (sobbing).  This suppose to be quick, hmm, you know my dad aa, he loved many of you, he respected many of you aa and in all the ministries that he did.  If he was a Sunday school teacher, superintendant, he did it with the, with the vision of a father, he thought of every child as his own. When working with the ministry, he did it as a servant. So this are the lessons and examples that aa I’ll take with me, and that aa I, I came up to share one thing specifically. You know God has been our comfort for the past two months.  And his been speaking to us, and the grief comes in waves, and the, but the comforter is always there, the Holy Spirit, the presence of the Holy Spirit is always there and his speaking to my family through his word, also through dreams, hmm, so last week I had a dream were, my father was seek and he ask me to pray for him.  So, I pray for him and I lay my hands on him and I pray for him, I spoke in tongues.  I was doing that from time to time while he was seek the past month, but in that dreamed I did that and then the next day, hmm.  A couple of days later I had another dream, in that dream, my father was very sick, he was very week, and he was in the room downstairs which is where he was for his final days. And we were trying to lift my father up. And we were telling my father, we just going to take you to another room dad for your comfort, we are not taking you anywhere. In our mind we knew that dad was  going to pass, so in the dream in the mind I knew it was going to pass, which is how the day was actually when he did pass.  I knew it was going to happen. But in the dream, I was telling him, I just going to take you to another room to make you more comfortable don’t worry, don’t worry, we are not taking you anywhere, we are just going to make you more comfortable. So as we were going from that room to outside that room to the next room.

   Suddenly the next room was a different place, it wasn’t my house, it was like entering a grand foyer with marble and it’s just glorious and my dad was walking, and the weight of his body became less and less on me and he was standing more straight  and my dad looked at the room he said oh I know where I am, I was confused because we were just in the downstairs bedroom and then now we were in this completely different place.

and I said dad where are we I don’t know where we at.  He said, I know where I am at, I said where are we, I am home (he said), then he walked away from me, then I woke up.   So, you know fathers house has many mansions, my dad’s house is huge, that’s what God is telling me a ha.  But anyway, through these things and through these dreams, and through the word of God, and through your prayers and through the ministers we felt a lot of support, and I am just so grateful, I thank you, I thank God for this church, thank you, by.

This testimony is from a brother of a local church:

                                                                                   Commentary by brother Nelson Cintron:


   Dear Participant, Jesus spoke about a place he was preparing for us (Jo 14:1-3).  A glorious place, a beautiful place, also a place where is no death nor sicknesses or sorrows (Rev 21:4).  No earthly mansions like the ones posted in this page will ever equal Jesus’s glorious mansions in


   The New Heavens (Rev 21:1).  Yes, in the dream his dad stepped in, into his heavenly mansion.  And as the son revealed, even his father was much lighter and stronger.  Without a doubt our bodies will be transformed into a glorious body (1Co 15:51-53, Ph 3:21). These things are only promised only to those who love his appearing (2Tim 4:8).  A glorious tranformed body glorious mansions, the crown and Kingdom are only for his church, the church he washed with his own blood (Rev 1:5).  We will be Kings and Priest unto God in his Kingdom (Rev 1:6, 5:10, 2Tim 2:12, Rev 22:5).  He told us to be aware that no man takes our crown (Rev 3:11).  When he resurrected and ascended, he went there before us to build that place.  Just a little while longer, and he that will come, will come and not tarry (He 10:37)

   Soon the bride will be lifted to meet the bridegroom in the air, and forever be with the Lord (1Thes 15-18).  Don’t give up hope, fight the good fight (1Tim 6:12).  Whatever you may be going through, don’t give up stand firm.  Many are there already, and we will see our loved ones, in that glorious wedding day (Rev 21:2-); when Jesus be reunited with his church (Lk 22:28-30), amen.     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          .                                          In the Lord                                              Bro Nelson Cintron                                12/29/18


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